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plastic bottle ban in concord, massachusetts goes into effect - polyethylene terephthalate film

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
plastic bottle ban in concord, massachusetts goes into effect  -  polyethylene terephthalate film
Concord, Massachusetts, has become one of the earliest communities in the United States. S.
Sale of singles is prohibited-
Plastic water bottles are provided.
According to The Associated Press, the ban on plastic bottles is made by three-
Annual campaign by local activists.
Activists promote the reduction of waste and fossil fuel use.
In an interview with The New York Times 2010, 80-year-old Jean Hill said, "bottled water companies are draining water and selling it to us.
She declared, "I will always work until I give up.
"The movement to ban bottles claims," it takes 17 million barrels of oil per year to make all plastic bottles used in the United StatesS. alone.
This oil is enough for 1 point.
3 million cars a year.
Their website also states: "2007 of Americans consume more than 50 billion bottles of water.
The recovery rate is only 23%, and more than 38 billion bottles are finally landfill.
According to the EPA, in 2010, the United StatesS.
31 million tons of plastic waste were produced.
The Concord town website describes the bylaws, saying "sell non-
Sparkling, tasteless drinking water
Pet Supply (PET)
1 liter bottle (34 ounces)
January 1, 2013 or less in Concord town.
There is an exemption for emergencies that adversely affect the supply and/or quality of drinking water for Concord residents.
"The first attack resulted in a warning, a second fine of $25, and a third (
And every attack at the back)in a $50 fine.
The staff of the Concord Health Department are responsible for enforcing the ban.
Not everyone is happy with the ban.
WHDH reports that some businesses are also solving the problem by selling larger bottles as the rule focuses only on smaller bottles.
Local Jenny Fioretti expressed a concern to the newsgroup: "The town is close enough that people can walk for two minutes to get it from Acton or Bedford.
I don't think it really helps.
Hill acknowledged the challenge in an earlier interview with Concord Conservatory of Music, but added, "I'm trying to use this charter to increase the barriers to buying a single --
Bottled water is provided, because in order to help people change, you need to make policies that guide them not to buy bottled water and not to consider many other good alternatives. . .
I hope that action will be considered in other towns as well.
"Clarification: the language has been modified in this article to correct the inconsistency in how businesses respond to the ban.
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