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plastic chainmail forges a link between moviemaking and architecture - colored polycarbonate sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
plastic chainmail forges a link between moviemaking and architecture  -  colored polycarbonate sheets
I'm always curious about how businesses come up with their names.
But I think there's a reward for you.
Winning actor Viggo Mortensen-or if we give him a full title, arathson's son Aragorn-is the coolest origin story I 've ever heard.
This is what happened in New Zealand.
The material company is based in Kaynemaile.
Founder Kayne Horsham was the artistic director of Lord Of The Rings early on (LOTR)
They had trouble with the film trilogy.
"I spent a lot of time looking into the local industry to see what they could do," he said . ".
"We are also looking for niche elements or ideas that we can work with people to meet the specific-and occasionally odd-needs of this project.
One of the key information that Kayne must provide is the chain letter.
If you have seen a movie from LOTR, you will know that almost every character is wearing some (
They have plate armor except the elves, but I digress).
So it needs to look, move, and sound real on the screen, and at the same time it needs to be strong enough to deal with long shots and multiple battle sequences.
Thankfully, humans have been making chain letters since the 5 th century, until the 16 th century it was the main armor type used by soldiers . . . . . . So we know a lot about it.
Kayne managed to find a producer in India, but the resulting chain mail was very heavy and it was really hard for actors and stuntman to perform in it.
So Kayne and his team started to try other materials and finally launched a metal material --
Coated plastic mail with much smaller weight than traditional mail.
I have to say that now I have some in my hand and it is very persuasive and even at close range.
Kayne told me about the process they used for "Kayne's Maile", "We started with the length of the polypropylene pipe and cut it into rings on this small machine before Manual
Assemble it into a grid connected to each other.
We then plated sterling silver on the ring and then copper plated it by electric plating.
Kayne openly admitted that this is not the most efficient process: "All the assembly is done by hand, we have to make a lot of metal mail and we have been repairing it.
The guilt of colleagues who saw pain in their fingers made me determined to find a better, safer and faster way.
"A few years later, Kayne discovered an engineering company that was ready to work with him to re-invent the chain letter.
"I 've been back to the idea of making a ring without any connection.
The circle is an inherent strong engineering shape, but the connection of the link is the point of failure.
So he did what he had to do.
Kayne forged his materials in the fire at the end of the day mountain . . . . . . No, I'm kidding. I'm sorry.
Products now known as Kaynemaile are actually produced using a fairly standard industrial process-injection molding.
He took me to the floor of the factory to see if the system was running.
In the simplest form, injection molding involves melting the material particles before squeezing the material into a mold-a cavity shaped like the final product.
There, it cools and hardens to form everything from the Lego mini toy to the cap.
But in this case, Kayne wants to make up a large panel that is connected to each otherfree rings.
To that end, he needed a new type of mold and was patented in 2006.
I 've been standing next to the injection molding machine for a long time, staring hypnotically at a line of perfect new members --
Formed, bright
Colored polycarbonate rings appear every few seconds.
Gradually, it added the chain mail volume sitting in front of the machine, and behind me, three workers used a smaller version of the machine to make rings that stitched the panels together. (CONTINUED. . . )
"We can produce a lot of this stuff-as long as the material is input and there is no length limit, by stitching together, the parts we make are wide enough to surround the whole building . "
Around the walls, the multi-color polycarbonate Mail site, which is several kilometers long, is on the roster, in the center of the floor, laying the facade of their current project, the Adelaide parking lot building.
It consists of about seven.
3 million rings, this gray mesh screen is large enough to cover nine ringsStory structure.
It is worth noting that it will rise as a single piece and weigh less than 4 tons.
This is one of the reasons why architects and engineers are so excited about it-this super
Lightweight materials can be used instead of thin steel plates-used as partitions or non-stair railings in stairs, buildingsload-
Withstand external structure.
Some people use it specifically because it can be moved, but the main attraction of the team behind the parking lot is the shade performance of the material.
While the grid looks like more air than solid when you get close to it, it works very well in preventing sunlight-for this particular building, it reduces solar energy entering it by 80%.
No one wants to air.
The condition is a parking building, so I suspect that the mesh will bring a lower temperature in the hot Australian summer.
It also performs very well in other seasons.
Depending on the degree of stretching of the mesh and the number of layers used, you can increase its crossover
The segmentation density is so large that it blocks the wind and rain of 95%.
Because of its structure-all-moving hinges-it can be bent and twisted, making it ideal for urban buildings with frequent seismic activity (Like Wellington. .
The material itself is UV-
Stable, so not melted or brittle when exposed to elements, not corroded, fire-proof, stronger but lighter than glass, and can produce 85% less energy than metal mesh.
Kaynemaile has been installed in buildings around the world-Medina airport in Saudi Arabia, Sofitel hotel in Wellington, University of Auckland, stadium in San Jose and more.
But when we started talking about the sustainability of using plastic, I saw Kayne being the most enthusiastic.
"To be honest, at first I found myself thinking, do I really want to be involved in the plastics industry when I see how much damage plastics do to the environment?
So he left the school to educate himself on scientists, engineers and sustainability experts and promised that if he was going to use plastic, then, he must be responsible for it at all stages of its development, use and disposal.
I have to admit that this result has left a deep impression, "we have adopted a cradle entirely --to-
Cradle spirit, which means we can recycle our materials indefinitelyhouse.
"We make grids to order and store any dismount until we have enough time to re-process them," explains Kayne . ".
This is caused to some extent by the chemical properties of the material-it is a single-chain polymer, which means that it can be effectively cleaned to its original state rather than by extreme heating. But by the same process that was originally used to produce it.
Even the color is carbon.
That means they can also be stripped out (using low-
Energy Process)
Feedback as original material.
And, if an existing project is redesigned and Kaynemaile is no longer included, then the material will be shipped back to the factory for reuse.
So while he is not a scientist himself, it is clear that Kayne is taking a scientific, sustainable approach to his business.
"I really believe that only through science and technology can we find the answers to the problems of the past . ".
I said that.
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