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plastic smithing: how to make your own hdpe plastic anything (diy plastic lumber) - polyethylene terephthalate film

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
plastic smithing: how to make your own hdpe plastic anything (diy plastic lumber)  -  polyethylene terephthalate film
How to reuse and recycle plastic bags at home while making really good hard plastic!
In this way, you can make anything you want to do with hard, lightweight, and truly durable plastic.
Its texture is very similar to the recycled plastic wood.
Most importantly, this method does not involve smoke!
I'm going to teach you how to make plastic wheels for your robot!
The first time I 've heard from Dave Huebsch's book Village homework about stewed plastic bags that are fun and adventurous when running charities/NGOs to make new things (Common Hope)in Guatemala.
Surprisingly, he fixed the weight at the bottom
The main bearing of the washing machine with a large plastic plate made of stewed plastic bags, which is actually a good stand --
It was replaced for several years. (
Here are some tips for Guatemala)
I had to try it right away and I just burnt the plastic a few times before until I came up with this method.
At the end of the day, you can make a knife cover yourself, make molds around your shoes, and then try DIY
Toe sneakers, wheels, bearings, bushes or plastic parts of any type!
Take photos and post them in the comments!
Collect all the plastic bags you can get and they shrink a lot.
Crushing them will make your final texture finer.
Use an old pot that you no longer use to make food, or buy a cheap used pot at a thrift store.
Find a stick or something you can use to make a spatula.
I like this dress very much because I can clean up while stirring. Oh, and oil! (
I used Canadian food because it was right next to my stove.
For example, if you are making a bearing, you can make it pregnant with your personal favorite Grease. )
So grab your favorite oil and that's why: Plastic bags are made of low density polyethylene (
Low density polyethylene)
Melt at 248 degrees F.
I got the temperature wrong and tried to do this in a self made double boiler full of water (
Adjust the temperature to the boiling point of water)
Of course, it's just hot plastic bags made.
Double back-
Boiler error I re-
Read the low density polyethylene melt-
Pointed out and found my stupidity!
So I melted them with oil.
Cooking oil is boiling around 350, which is too hot for plastic and you don't want it anyway (
Splash boiling oil = no fun unless you are hun)
So I kept it at a very low level.
Viscosity rape oil heat and things work very well.
If you want a smooth, non-
The finished surface of the oil, consider replacing it with wax.
Also: Oil is not needed per se-
If you have a hot surface with a constant temperature, you can guarantee to stay the same near the melting point, and you can do well without oil or wax!
It doesn't matter what polyethylene you use, you can also melt high density polyethylene plastic bottles inside if you want.
The resin identification numbers 2 and 4 are good.
PET/PET or PET 1 can also be used.
Edit: due to the reader's attention, I will explain from the picture what may not be obvious: no smoke.
No smoke, no fan, no danger of inhalation.
If there is smoke or smoke, you are doing it wrong and you are burning plastic.
So you adjust the temperature with oil.
Plastic bags are alive.
Something that looks neat so I took a video!
When it's as cheesy as gum, start to mash it up to get a different bag
Stick together.
The manual mixer would be very helpful in this case, but I chose to break only one of my mom's forks.
Now, while it's still flexible, put it in the table you want!
Since I was just trying, I grabbed a salsa container that looked like the right shape for the wheel mold and there was also a wine bottle that could dig holes in the middle.
I don't know any special techniques for molding and casting, but Matt, Rachel, Bill, Paul, make peace and slip freelyon do!
If you are a molded ninja, you can make a plastic front thing with your own face!
Let it cool like a cookie, or let it cool faster in the fridge if you're impatient.
The finished thing is there.
It has a lot of visual textures/color swirls, but it's actually a very regular surface.
The circle gets really good, and if you want something more precise, you can carve, process, rotate, and drill holes on it.
This shows the finished product, the wheels and another disc I made, as well as the video of how amazing elasticity the homemade plastic has.
Improvement: I would like to try using wax instead of oil so that the final surface is not greasy.
It is possible to chop the bag in advance to produce a more uniform texture. Also exciting!
If you make a brick like this into a big one
You can feed them to your homemade injection mold!
Hooray, DIY action characters!
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