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plastics pile up as china refuses to take the west’s recycling - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
plastics pile up as china refuses to take the west’s recycling  -  polyethylene terephthalate
Since China announced last year that it no longer wants to be a "world dump", China has recycled about half of the world's plastic and paper products. when the ban comes into effect, Western countries have been confused about what to do, the ban entered into force on January. 1.
So far, at least in the UK, the answer is No.
At least one waste disposal site in London has seen the build-up of plastic recyclables and has to pay to clear some of them.
Similar backups are reported in Canada, Ireland, Germany and several other European countries, while port cities such as Hong Kong are piling up a lot of garbage.
Steve Frank of pioneer recycling in Oregon owns two factories that collect and classify 220,000 tons of recyclable materials each year.
Until recently, most of it was exported to China.
"My inventory is out of control," he said . "China's ban.
Frank said this has caused "significant damage to the flow of recyclable goods around the world.
He said he now wants to export waste to countries such as Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.
"Anywhere we can go"
But "they can't make up for that.
In the UK, the general manager of British waste treatment company odnonwan waste treatment company Jacqueline odnonwan said that "the market has completely changed" since the Chinese decision came into effect ".
Her company collects and processes about 70,000 tons of plastic waste per year, she said, and expects "huge bottlenecks across the UK" in the coming months ".
British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday pledged to eliminate avoidable waste within 25 years.
In a pre-prepared speech, she urged the supermarket to introduce plastic
All the food is free.
For its part, the EU plans to raise taxes on plastic bags and packaging, citing China's ban and marine health.
These measures may one day help alleviate the situation, but the UK is currently facing an increasing number of recyclable items with no place to store them.
Experts say the immediate response to the crisis is likely to be a shift to incineration or landfill.
It is harmful to the environment.
China's ban covers imports of 24 kinds of solid waste, including unclassified paper and low
As part of the extensive clean-up work and the campaign against "Yang Raj" or "foreign garbage", it is used for high-grade polystyrene Ester in plastic bottles.
"It also sets new limits on the impurity content in other recyclable items.
China has processed at least half of the world's exports of waste paper, metals and waste plastics. 7.
According to recent industry data, 3 million tons were recorded in 2016.
On last July, China informed the World Trade Organization that it intended to ban some imports of garbage, saying action was needed to protect the environment and improve public health.
In a letter to the World Health Organization, Beijing wrote: "A large amount of dirty and even hazardous waste is mixed in solid waste that can be used as raw materials . "T. O.
"This has seriously polluted the environment in China.
Chinese officials also complain that most of the recyclable materials China receives from overseas are not properly cleaned, or are not
Recyclable materials.
This sudden move has prompted Western countries to scramble to dispose of stacked plastic and paper waste while looking for new markets for garbage.
"It's not just an America. K.
Question, "said Simon Ailin, chief executive officer of the British Recycling Association.
"The rest of the world is thinking, 'What can we do? '
This is a difficult time.
"In Halifax, Nova Scotia, sending 80% of recycling, Matthew Keliher, the manager of solid waste in the city, said he basically found a replacement, plastic, except for low-
High grade plastic film for making shopping bags and packaging.
The stocks of these plastics have exceeded the city's storage capacity and Halifax has had to obtain special permission to bury about 300 metric tons of material in a landfill.
CALGARY, Alberta, shipped 50% of plastic and 100% of mixed paper to China, which has been stored in empty warehouses, containers, trailers and warehouses since last fall.
So far, 5,000 tons have been collected, and Sharon Howland, chief manager of waste and recycling services in the city, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
"These materials are marketable resources, so we will store them as much as we can and evaluate our options from there," she said . ".
Even the political class is caught off guard in Britain.
When asked in front of lawmakers last month about the ban to be imposed, environment minister Michael Gove fumbled: "I don't know what the impact will be.
What is this-
I will be completely honest.
I did not give enough thought.
Plastic pollution has attracted worldwide attention in recent years.
The BBC's David Attenborough series Blue Planet II shows plastic bags and bottles that clog the ocean and kill fish, turtles and other marine wildlife, the government is urged to make stricter rules.
Every year, Britain sends enough recyclable items to China to meet 10,000 of the Olympic demand.
According to Greenpeace, the size of the poolK.
More than 13 US exports.
2 million tons of waste paper and 1.
According to the Institute of waste plastics recycling industry, China has 42 million tons of waste plastics per year.
This is the sixth one.
S. exports to China
"There may be alternative markets, but they are not ready today," said Emmanuel Katrakis, secretary general of the European Union of recycling industries in Brussels . ". Mr.
Katrakis denied China's claim that all imported waste materials contain high levels of pollutants, saying that Beijing's threshold for most types of waste products is "much higher" than that of Europe or the United States ".
At the same time, he said Europe is too focused on collecting plastic waste and shipping it out, not enough to encourage manufacturers to use it for new products.
"We have to start making fewer products and we have to make better products --
High quality recyclable goods . "Ellin said.
Manufacturers often produce products that are harmful to the environment, and then "shirk responsibility" to retailers, in turn, they will hand it over to the local council, pick up the label, and classify the waste for recycling, he said.
"What happened was that the last link in the supply chain had turned around and said, 'No, we're not going to take this poor man --
Good quality things.
Keep it yourself.
Pollution can no longer exceed 0.
5%, "he said, referring to the strict level that China has imposed on some materials that have not been banned so far.
Plastic waste overseas is "Why China Can't see the blue sky? ” he asked.
"I don't think so.
Go to big battles, not small ones.
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