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playing with toys and saving lives - clear mylar tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
playing with toys and saving lives  -  clear mylar tape
The solutions to social problems and their working principles were studied.
Apollo 13 is a good movie, but a 95-
The second part is the one that makes it a geek classic.
Their command module was disabled and three astronauts used the lunar module as a lifeboat.
Carbon dioxide is accumulating.
The filters of the command module can scrub the air, but they are square and the sockets on the moon module are round.
"Well, I suggest you that this gentleman invented a way to quickly put the square hook in a round hole, and Gene Kranz, Houston's director of flight, told his engineer.
They threw everything the astronauts could get on the table.
They use tape, cardboard log covers, plastic moon rock bags and set hoses to fit the filter.
The astronauts were saved.
Video clips of hacking attacks are well known, but you may not have seen the video above.
The first is Yamilet Mendoza martinz, a nurse shopping at a toy store in ginotpe, Nicaragua.
When a bag of intravenous fluid is ready to be replaced, she needs to send out an intravenous alarm.
The alarm means that the nurse doesn't have to come in and check every few minutes, which is impossible for overworked nurses. The solution? ÂÂ A toy AK-
A buzzing car at launch.
Back to the Regional Hospital of San Diego kenotpe-escoera
Carazo, Mendoza martinz, and her colleagues hung the gun on an intravenous rod.
When the IV bag is emptied, the rubber bands attached to it compress and open the side of the garment.
This will close the other side so that the clothespin wire is in contact with the electric contacts in the gun trigger.
The World Health Organization publishes a report every year (pdf)
The kind it likes.
There was a DingTalk on the list last year. and-
Screw System setup does not require severe fracture of X
Rays or electricity, embracing baby warmers-a newborn miniature sleeping bag and a set of plastic rings that can safely and painlessly carry out AIDS prevention surgery for men without surgery. Jose Gomez-
Marquez goes further.
He is the organizer of Mendoza Martinez's trip to the toy store. Â Gomez-
Marquez, who was born in Honduras, is the director of M. I. T.
This is a small device group that builds a medical device and in a very bad environment nurses and doctors can adjust their own device or kit. (
The University of California Tekla lab does the same for research scientists who want to build or transform laboratory equipment. )
There's nothing new to do. it-yourself âx80x94 D. I. Y.
How medical products were invented. ÂÂ In 1816, Dr.
Renault hotels©Lao nnec needed a better way to listen to the patient's chest, so he made a cylinder of paper that evolved into a stethoscope. (
This article has a good overview of D. I. Y. field. )D. I. Y.
To a large extent, the past is a contradiction.
But now there is a manufacturer movement for initial movement, which provides tools, advice and support for people who want to create new things, which is less. Gomez-
Marquez and his colleagues are doing this for health care workers in poor areas.
There's a lot of one here-
"I'm leaving . "
Aggressive doctors or local mechanics have come up with what is needed for local health care but have no resources. âx80x9d (
See here for an interview with the shocking creative Nigerian doctor Awojobi oluyoombo whose work is sadly unacknowledged and reproduced, even in Nigeria. )
What Jose is doing is important because it is a long term
Dedicated efforts.
In Apollo 13, hackers need to use locally available materials.
This usually means toys.
Toys have a better supply chain than other equipment. Marquez said.
Plastic toys are everywhere, even outdoors.
The aviation market in remote towns.
He encouraged health care workers to separate them and clean the parts.
Read the previous contributions of this series.
For example, the blades of the toy helicopter can be used to activate the dust cloud and deliver inhaled asthma drugs.
Motor on remote control
The control car allows the patient to open or close the hand with the toe, or allows the nurse to control the machine in the sterile room without entering.
The proximity sensor that prevents the toy car from running down the edge of the table can tell you when the medicine bottle is turned on, or when the face is actually in the nebulizer mask.
Today's cheap toys are much better than yesterday's cheap toys. Marquez said.
Today's toy is really a well-designed device.
You can harvest these parts.
The hardware store is also useful, he says: you can make a fully functional asthma nebulizer with bicycle pumps, pipes, some adapters and filters.
About $10 or so.
There is no need for electricity or electricity.
One of the featured products is Solarclave for sterilization instruments.
A version uses 140 pocket mirrors glued to the old satellite antenna to focus the sun on the pressure cooker. Â (
The other version uses the Mylar tape instead of the mirror. )
Researcher Anna Young is launching a pilot project that will put about 50 Solarclave kits into health stations in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua.
How safe is a medical device made of toy parts and tape?
Obviously you won't want an approved replacement if tested.
But hacking is necessary because they don't.
Health care workers build their own because the alternative is not equipment at all.
Patient: In China, some kidney disease patients who cannot afford dialysis build their own machines, which is undoubtedly a sign of despair.
In a toy store or hardware store, not all the parts needed can be found.
To provide what was not on the ground, the small equipment Lab collected several boxes of parts for different projects.
For example, MEDIKit for diagnosis contains components for building horizontal flow analysis (
Like a pregnancy test.
For a variety of different conditions, as well as reagents and antibodies, health care workers can combine these parts together for testing according to their needs.
There are media kits for building drug delivery equipment, prosthetic limbs, microscopy, microfluids and adhesion tools.
Unlike the new Lego kit, MEDIKits can only be used to build Hogwarts.
These are like Lego's old boxes that can build anything you want. (
Some are good connectors that actually contain Lego toys. )
How do they need to use these devices? âx80x9d Gomez-Marquez asks.
I don't know. But they know.
The difference between sending a hospital medical device and sending a box of carefully curated parts so that it can be made by itself seems to be a small difference.
But this is part of a major ideological shift that has changed the design of foreign aid.
Projects often fail because we cannot anticipate problems on the ground.
The traditional solution is to try to do better.
Informed speculation: we were wrong when we told you before we knew what you should do.
But now we really know.
A new solution is for people on site to design the project.
This is changing the way big aid works.
Cash on delivery, payment-for-
Success, social impact bonds and development impact bonds are new ideas for setting goals, but allow people on the ground to design ways to achieve them.
With these projects, people will not be locked into a strategy.
If it does not work and it is very likely, it will not work as intended (
Please see this blog post for D-
Laboratory researcher adapted to on-the-
Ground reality)—
They can try something different.
Encouraging local people to innovate is very important to a large extent, and it is important when the idea is just to create an IV alert.
The first step is often to legalize hacking.
In a hospital in Estee, Nicaragua, nurse Daniela Urbina secured her broken stethoscope with a plastic overhead transparent slide.
Gomez said the tragedy was that she was embarrassed to show it to us. Marquez. At the time of M,I. T.
Oh, it's such a great D. I. Y. hack.
How different will this be? ÂÂLarge-
Scale still seems elusive.
This is not only because the project is new.
So far, Marquez and his team have brought less than 50 media packages to Nicaragua.
Many problems still exist: products have to be sold to people who can't afford anything, there is no distribution chain, and most importantly, it takes a lot of effort to convince people to do things in a new wayto-door time.
But if the width is impossible, the length is.
There is no sustainable development and the scale is not large, Sandhu said.
The scale can make a lot of places that won't be used after three months useless.
If it is done in a way that can actually be effectively maintained and used, it is worth a lot of money.
That's what D means. I. Y.
Potential to bring to the table.
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Tina Rosenberg won the Pulitzer Prize for her book "Haunted Land: ghosts facing Europe after Communism.
She is a former editorial writer for The Times and author of joining the club: how peer pressure can change the world and the spy story of World War II
Book D for fraud.
"The restoration programme explores solutions to major social problems.
Every week, it checks creative initiatives that tell us the difference between success and failure.
It was written by David boenstein, author of How to change the world, how to change the world, and collaboration
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The addition of students who have just arrived in the United States or do not have a university on Facebook --
Educated parents often do not know their choices.
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After reading so many hateful messages, I began to feel sick.
What does this linguistic trend mean to us.
The film audience picks from the Stone who should and who will win the Academy Award and distinguishes the diversity issue of Hollywood.
Compared to our anxiety on Earth, power is more attractive, as seen in other films this season.
My mother's death was so painful that I applied for medical school to help change the way Americans die.
Did I extend the pain of my Indian grandmother because I firmly believe that medicine is capable of solving problems?
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Educated parents often do not know their choices.
It's not my heart that he's hurt.
Business incentives for sustainable fishing for fishermen can "unleash their creativity" to help solve problems, said an expert.
Even if we disguise their identity, we risk betraying them.
Read more . . . . . . After reading so many hateful messages, I began to feel sick.
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