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polycarbonate multiwall sheet - a multipurpose durable roofing solution - uv polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
polycarbonate multiwall sheet - a multipurpose durable roofing solution  -  uv polycarbonate sheet
The roof is the first line of defense against natural disasters such as wind, hail, ice, rain, fire, snow and heat, but it is also the most exposed part of the building.
The roof is constantly facing extreme conditions that lead to serious losses.
The roof is for the protection of buildings and for the safety of goods and personnel below.
The story of having an affordable, solid roof starts with a choice of types.
Here, the multi-wall polycarbonate board is the most reasonable roof solution.
Performance and application of multi-wall polycarbonate sheet: high impact resistance, UV protection, light weight, high flexibility, heat insulation and light transmission performance up to 80% are just the material quality of several pc multi-wall panels that convince engineers and consultants.
They are widely used in plants, warehouses, pyramids, domes, walkways, skylights, shopping malls, interior partitions, roof lights, pool shadows and green houses.
"Flexible" properties enable engineers to shape new concepts that make buildings and spaces look elegant. Poly-
Carbonated roof plates of various colors;
The outstanding colors include transparent, bronze, opal white, blue and green.
For specific spaces and requirements, thickness can be selected according to the required strength;
Option may be 5.
0mm, 6mm, 10mm and 16mm.
The standard width of the multi-wall Lexan panel is 1220mm or 2100mm and the standard length is 11800mm;
However, you may find differences between different brands such as SABIC or Lexan.
Varieties of multi-wall Polycarbonate plates: as the global demand for polycarbonate plates increases, the available varieties are also increasing.
Once a specific brand of polycarbonate panel roof has been identified, the next task is to optimize the selection of types.
There are many kinds of these products;
Each category is innovative for specific conditions and requirements. Double-
Double-sided UV protection
In the demand level, it is more popular to clean Thermoclear Plus Sheet, Thermoclear Sunxp, Thermoclear Dripgard, etc.
There is a special coating on the inner surface of the DRIPGARD polyester roof panel;
The condensation effect is reduced.
It should be the first choice for water droplets that can be dangerous spaces in commercial greenhouses.
Easily cleaned polycarbonate sheet with UV protection on both sides has a drain coating on the outer surface;
The special coating causes more water droplets to form, thus washing away the accumulated dirt and leaving the roof almost spotless.
The Polycarbonate board, a multi-walled roof that is easy to clean, significantly reduces the associated cleaning costs. Double-
To take advantage of the design flexibility that requires extensive cutting, the double-sided UV-proof multi-wall polycarbonate panel is the first choice.
It is recommended to use hot transparent Sunxp sheets with UV protection because it has a high ability to resist yellowing weather effects and light losses.
Therefore, we have enough varieties to choose the right polycarbonate multi-wall panel for specific applications.
The appropriate width and length selection can reduce the waste of cutting, thus saving a lot of resources.
Yes, the quality of installation plays a key role in the end user experience.
While these are flexible and have high impact resistance, special care is required for fixing.
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