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prices advance on amex and o‐t‐c - poly film manufacturers

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
prices advance on amex and o‐t‐c  -  poly film manufacturers
HAMMERMARCH 1973 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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Affected by bottom-hunters, prices on the US stock exchange and overseas markets hit their best gains at weeld yesterday.
Brokers commented that the market was oversold and was affected by a rebound in technology.
They say news of a surge in factory orders in January, and forecasts that manufacturers may increase capital spending this year, helped drive that growth.
The exchange price index completed 0 ahead of schedule. 07 at 24. 79.
This is the biggest one-day increase since February.
12 hours up 0. 10. A total of .
Period 559 rose and period 316 fell.
At the counter market, the Nasdaq industrial index nped 1.
75 close at 119. 13.
The increase was more than a two-to-one decline, up 1,022 stocks and down 442.
American Express's advertising volume continued to be light, but rose to 3,112,400 shares from 2,884,000 shares on Monday.
Most of the oil and gas issues on American Express are doing well.
ArkansasLouisiana Gas leads 1 to 26;
Petrofina shares 1 to 35 in the United States;
Canadian high quality oil 1 to 53 and Mitchell Energy 2 to 32.
The problem of copper ore is also good.
Atlas joint mining received 17 to 17 MSDS;
The Marinduque has been selected for 13 RMB;
Javelin-8 GmbH and Kilembe Colter 5/16-1 15/16 in Canada. Market Summary? ?
Knickerboker toy has increased by 2 in 25 Pax.
The company said it made $2.
Fiscal year 07, 1972, 94 cents per share, 94 cents per share in the previous year.
The community health company is six years old.
The operator of the wellness center said they bought the Greenshire company.
A school for mentally retarded children in Cheshire, Connecticut
Imperial Oil is ahead of the active list with a turnover of 95,900 shares, and has increased the volume to 39 shares.
Among the rebels, the share price of flour mill Peavey rose by 2 to 22 points.
The company recently reported a 1972 increase in profits. Fisco, Inc. ;
A car insurance company, senior to 19 years old.
The company said it made $1.
Compared with $1, $86 a share in 1972.
Share of the previous year.
Another winner in the film market is the Armin Poly Film, up 1 to 17.
After the company's recent second offering, the issue has been under sales pressure recently.
Other stronger problems include spectral physics up to 2 to 22;
2 to 34 steak and beer;
2. of Bates lab;
Chemed Corporation 1 to 39;
Daniel international 1 to 31 and American Express 1 to 61.
Among the anti-losers, Barnes & Hinds fell 1 to 32;
Ethan Allen is between 36 and 13 years old and 13 years old in the administrative industry.
The sales leader in the counter market is Tiffany & Co.
The turnover of 182,800 shares rose to 7.
Volume in the counter market expanded from 7,376,700 shares on Monday to 6,682,900 shares.
The largest percentage of stocks rose by the US stock exchange yesterday :? ?
The largest percentage of stocks on the US stock exchange yesterday :? ?
A version of this file was printed on page 61 of the New York edition on March 7, 1973, with the title: rising prices for American Express and otc
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