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pride in architecture - white polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
pride in architecture  -  white polycarbonate panels
Antoinette Martino Scott
The mantra of architects is 2007 "design is important ".
Here are some important ways in New Jersey: The Satellite Motel in Wildwood;
White Manna Burger from Hackensack
Hangar Zeppelin1 in Lakehurst;
And Margate's Elephant, Lucy.
This chaotic building group is listed by the state branch of the American Institute of Architects as "150 Best buildings and locations" in the state, and the company plans to publish a guide early next year.
What unified these buildings?
Motel "Doo wop", Art Deco restaurant, blimps garage, big thick skin-
Lift them to the "best" in the eyes of architects, as well as icons that are easier to identify, such as the George Washington Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the RCA Victor Building?
Jerome Eben, president of AIA, said: "How Architecture fits with the environment and how it serves the community" is the most important factor in quality designNJ.
He said, for example, advertising Lucy made millions of people happy in her time in 126, giving the coastal zone a big piece of whimsy and getting a $ tourist dollar for the region
Advertising designers also like to respect diversity, added Robert F.
Barranger, a South Plains architect, spoke publicly for national groups.
In addition to choosing "150 Best", Mr.
Barranger explained that national and national groups awarded the annual "honor" and "merit" awards in the design of buildings and unbuildings, making choices that they felt were not only eye catching, but also had a positive impact.
"A structure may have a positive impact in the corner of a hard block
"It could be an icon, like the Statue of Liberty, that welcomes and promotes thousands of visitors and visitors every day," he said . ".
"Design is critical to the quality there anyway.
"One of the state's winners this year is a modern duplex apartment to replace an abandoned house near John Witherspoon in Princeton, just a few steps from Princeton University and downtown.
The structure is described by its architect/builder Princeton's RMJM Hillier as "urban insertion", presenting a distinct modern look in an old community that already includes a range of design styles.
AIA commented that the use of white polycarbonate panels and black tiles on the outside brought "sparks and energy" to the streets"
Awards team in New JerseyJ.
Robert Hillier, founder of RMJM Hillier, said his company has partnered with families living in the previous four generations to build a new duplex apartment.
Some neighbors were happy, he said, but some were initially upset about the new look.
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"In the end, a really good community is a variety of buildings and constant vitality," he said . ".
This year, another private residence next to Lake Leffert in Mattawan was honored.
The Midouhas boat bottom building designed the house into a sloping terrain with a private open courtyard on the water side connected to the main building via a "floating" staircase.
Other awards-
Many educational facilities are included in the winning building: new glassand-
KSS Architects at Princeton University, a bricklayer in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, designed on the campus of Piscataway University;
The center of the new campus of Dwight Englewood School, created by DataMan architects in Englewood, New York City; The Franklin L.
Williams Middle School in Jersey City, designed by Clark Karton Sintz of Trenton/Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn, New York, in response to Abbott Court'sThe nouveau-Adirondack-
Cooper River boat house style designed by Atlantic City SOSH Architects.
The third addition to the 1917 Gothic library in Morris Town, listed in the New Jersey and National Historical Register, won the honor of Princeton's Holt Russell Morgan architect.
The award team noted that, despite the high restrictions imposed by history, the architects managed to bring rich natural light to the building and to provide it with two priest "light corridors ".
Also in Morris town, the historic green buildings in the city center became the "150 Best" list.
Elsewhere on the list, he said, fleshed out the concept of the country's inherent diversityBarranger.
They include downtown Montclair, barrier islands, State Capitol building in Trenton, and blancbrook Park in Newark.
New Jersey's "in the region" article copied on Sunday the American Association of Architects state branch's recognition of various buildings in New Jersey, wrongly identifying Margate county, the home of elephant Lucy, A popular seaside attraction that is considered one of the state's 150 "best places.
It's Atlantic County, not Ocean County.
A version of this article appears on the print on page 112 of the New York edition with the title: building pride.
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