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Put your waste in the right place - plastic foil packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-01
Put your waste in the right place  -  plastic foil packaging
Christmas decorations will be removed soon-some for next year and some for disposal.
The city of Calgaryis encourages you to handle some of the garbage responsibly to help make recycling and compost easier.
"Calgarians usually produce 25% more waste during the holidays than usual," said Sharon Howland, head of project management for waste and recycling services.
"While the Calgary Asians can take advantage of recycling and compost, it is important to reduce waste first, reuse items, and then properly recycle and compost. “The gift-
Gift giving season means a lot of gift packaging, boxes and other packages that can be recycled.
You can put these recyclable items in your blue cart or take them to the community recycle bin.
Wrapping paper and paper towels.
Cartons, gift boxes, shoes and shipping boxes-flatten your box and make extra space in your blue shopping cart.
• Paper gift bags-remove the handle before recycling.
Holiday greeting cards and envelopes.
Molded Plastic packaging with recycling symbol #1-
7. electronic products and children's products are common ).
Pack the foam with other elastic plastic bags and tie the handle.
Cookies and chocolate cans (after the biscuits and chocolate are eaten ).
Learn more about Calgary. Ca/recycling.
Turkey and other bones.
Pastries, cookies, cakes and muffins.
Board scraps and vegetable scraps. • All food-
Dirty paper including napkins, paper trays, coffee filters, baking paper and padding.
Cooking oil, lard, shortening, jam, butter, sauces, grease, dipping sauce, salad dressing, mayonnaise and gravy.
Compost the Christmas tree to avoid landfill and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
How Calgarians can compost real trees this year: use your green trolley.
After removing all lights, decorations, metal foil and ropes, follow the same steps as the branches in the yard: Cut your tree into pieces (no more than 4 feet long ), put them in your green cart and make sure the lid is closed.
If your green cart is full, tie the extra branches together with a natural fiber rope or put them in a paper Yard garbage bag.
Set up bundled branches or yard garbage bags at least 1 feet metres from the side of the green trolley.
Trees that are not prepared in this way will not be collected.
13 You can drop the whole tree when you drop it temporarily
It was not until January that Calgaryuntil was left. 31.
Don't wrap, tie or wrap your tree, remember to remove the tree rack and all the lights, decorations, metal foil and ropes.
For drop-down list-
See where Calgary is located.
After recycling and composting the right items, be sure to end theseof-
Use the products in the black car as garbage. • Non-
Recyclable gift packages such as cellophane, metal and foil gift packages.
All types of foam packaging, including take-out containers and packaged peanuts. Also, remember to bring the old electronics to the nearest electronic recycling bin --
Donate reusable items such as clothes, furniture and toys through the local charity donation center.
Visit Calgary if you are not sure where the item is placed.
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