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putting your photograph on metal - transparency film

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
putting your photograph on metal  -  transparency film
There are a variety of interesting things to do at TechShop in San Jose, whether it's in a lumber shop, a metal shop or a textile area.
However, if you are not in the category of invention, you can combine photography, prints and metal shops: inkjet transmission!
By placing ink-
Transparency of the aircraft to the Purel
The brushed surface, the ink will be pulled down and printed on the surface of your choice!
You can do this for almost any surface, but if you want to use metal like I do, you need to use MIG to weld the SBU.
Other than that, the only other tools I use are manual tools and hand held plasma cutting machinesout service.
So this is definitely a cool and fun project that can be done without class.
Through the materials: TechShop membership (
Not needed but highly recommended)
Anything in the required scrap bin (
Or what you bought)Purel -
70% ink jet transparent film of alcohol hand sanitizer (
It can't be versatile or fast. dry.
I don't know any other brands)
Inkjet printer
The higher the quality, the better the brush for hand sanitizer, so the easiest first step in this project is to prepare any surface you want.
The main reason is that once the image is printed on transparent ink, it may be scraped off or damaged.
By doing about 8 such things, there are many variables that can affect the final result.
The most effective way to prepare the surface is to use the angle grinder and flap disk.
This creates grooves in the metal, making it easier for the ink to stay on the material.
When I was taught how to do this, the hand sanitizer method is mainly used for porous materials, but I have a cool, imperfect look for metals.
As I said in my previous instructions, when using a rotary tool, it is important not to wear gloves, not to put loose things where.
At the same time, wearing safety glasses is as important as ever.
Press the piece of metal you choose and grind it down!
Be sure to be careful with the accumulation of heat, especially materials with thinner thickness.
Not only can Metal be burned, but also metal can be ground.
You want to make sure that the metal is grinded down enough to produce a consistent score and illuminate the surface to highlight the highlights.
In the image provided, you can easily see the front and back of this scrap metal I found.
For the stand that supports the photo, I used the residue on another piece of metal (
I ended up not using).
It left a cool curve that I liked, so I cut it plasma again to fit in the right form.
I then grind the edges on the angle mill to make sure the correct contact when welding.
In my first iteration of this project, I created the stand afterwards and when I welded the base to the image, it damaged the print.
It's not the end of the world because I have a purpose.
However, I always build the metal part completely before applying the image.
This is the part where TSSJ requires MIG welding of the SBU.
After setting up the machine according to the instructions in class, prepare the work according to the welding method.
Before welding most, do a few quick welding to start welding.
From there I flipped through the work and welded it to its face so it was more stable.
I pointed out the burn left when welding two pieces of metal together.
These are the burns that left scars on my last photo, so I built this first.
As mentioned earlier, the flap wheel will repair the burn. So!
Get this ready, put it aside and go to the printer.
The material for this is straight-
Speaking of which, the project is simple and all the complexity comes from you.
The type of transparency needs to be plain ink.
Jet fighter and nonquick dry.
The glove is not necessary, but it gives me peace of mind.
Any "high" option in terms of printing settings
"You should use these.
Also, you may have more luck if you can change the color density on the printer.
I noticed that the more ink on transparency, the better!
The Canon iPF650 is characterized by the fact that when feeding with a piece of paper instead of roll paper, it uses a laser to register the paper.
However, with the increase of transparency, it will glow and heat, so it will not load properly.
The fix is simple, it is to put a piece of ordinary paper behind.
When loading the film, as with photographic paper, make sure that the printable surface is in the right direction.
There is a coastline at the top of the Apollo movie that tells you the correct location to print.
In any photo editing program you use ,(
Photoshop is available here at TechShop)
Illuminate the image.
Metal is always darker than white paper.
Changing the brightness helps this, and the difference between the two photos will certainly be noticed.
Also, be sure to flip the image sideways before printing!
Horizontal flip keeps the natural direction of the image, which is critical for text or general composition.
As I said before, all of this works because you have alcohol in your usual hand sanitizer.
I noticed that the higher the alcohol content, the better the effect, the concentration in this solution is 90%.
There's another way to ink.
Jet transmission, which uses an acetone bath to float the image on the surface.
This is the way I use it.
Take an ordinary paint brush, the better the quality, of course, the amount of hair loss will be reduced.
In previous treatments, there is no need to remove any oil as the brushing process will do it for you.
When brushing your teeth, get the coating as much as possible.
There are a lot of variables in this process, and the more you control, the less pressure you have.
There is also a certain amount of disinfectant that is most effective.
If there is a large water bead on the surface, the water bead will be produced.
If there are too few solutions, then the ink will not fall off.
Play this by yourself and hope to do it a few times before you really put it down.
I also try to brush in one direction before I finally place the image.
There will be some disruption to the image and the process is not perfect.
If you brush in a certain direction, the image breaks in that direction and looks good.
When you put the image on metal, it can be a little nervous at first.
I place the image on one side of the surface with two hands and then take advantage of the visual advantage of the film.
Bending backwards, the tension ensures that the entire surface is pressed on the purel when it is placed.
Now, this technology is the result of doing it over and over again in a very frustrating situation.
If you do need to redo the placement, it cannot be performed immediately.
Get rid of the ink with purel, but you need to re-grind.
The remaining ink will fill the groove that existed before.
I learned in a difficult way.
So have your image!
It is also possible to obtain a second coating, but it involves a lot of risk and is usually not worth it.
For beauty, I brush the edges with a solution to make the image disappear.
This method does not look very good with hard lines on the edge of the image.
In addition, if there is a lot of remaining ink, you can apply a layer in other areas of the metal and then "paint" on it ".
In this piece, I do one side at a time.
Hand sanitizer can quickly evaporate and produce another variable, which can make things more difficult. And that's it!
It all depends on you from now on, there are many ways to get this done, but I believe the most effective way is to clear the coat.
This ensures the stability of the image.
I bought it from a typical hardware store with Rustoleum Super cover transparent coating.
Now the transparent coated tank is matte.
This is perfect for the back of the work, just to keep the unclean look of the countryside.
However, I know it's perfect to use gloss in the actual picture section!
All of this tells me about using about 5 pieces of coating on the final surface, which gives the image a very cool liquid gloss.
If you have a chance to try it, please let me know what you have come up!
There is a great possibility!
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