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pyongyang bobby: is this kim jong-il's man in new jersey? - clear plastic roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
pyongyang bobby: is this kim jong-il\'s man in new jersey?  -  clear plastic roofing
Bobby Egan led me to the lobby of his Cubby barbecue restaurant in Hackensack, a 10-minute drive from Manhattan's George Washington Bridge in a New Jersey town that listened to some sound with a cassette.
"You are the first person to hear the news," he said . "
I don't know how to take him seriously.
Back inside, a brightly colored meal card above the counter has a cartoon face of a happy pig with a gorgeous slogan hanging on it, tempting his customer's taste buds with the words "beef in
"And" pork is coming ".
They were easy because, frankly, being with him, it was hard not to ask how much of the amazing story he had to tell was real meat and how much of it was pork pie. IGen, 49. year-old Irish-
Italian-American, not just a happy baby rear rib and pepper dog supplier, is not in dispute.
Crisis diplomacy and espionage are carried out in parallel in the shadow, which is neither unusual nor mysterious.
The last 15 years-
Strangely, he will be happy to tell you that he has always been one of the most important enemies of the United States, North Korea, often hosting diplomats in restaurants and traveling there in person about six times.
Egan is not a cautious, gentle character.
Son of the roof contractor. he has a soprano.
Look and no of the actorsso-
Short history of running
That's what the law says.
He said he traveled to Pyongyang with weapons, but he would not say how he passed the security check with a gun.
"I am a weapons expert and some people in North Korea appreciate that.
"At the same time, the memorabilia he has advised and defended the enemy over the years is posted on almost every wall of Kubi, which everyone can see.
Do you want something to eat?
Maybe later, let's talk, "Egan said while holding my hand, without wasting time, and started pointing to dozens of photos hanging above the wide picture window.
"It was Han," he said, pointing to a picture of himself standing in a small room with a group of Asian gentlemen in suits.
"He was the only diplomat they sent to New York twice. " Why was that?
"Because of me, because I am here.
"Next, he pointed out the New York Times clip of November 2003.
"North Korea says its nuclear program can be negotiated," the headline wrote, an important message Pyongyang sent shortly after President Bush attached his "axis of evil" name to North Korea.
It happened that a message was passed on thanks to Egan. (
In fact, there are only a few paragraphs in this article. )
I said to themNorth Korea]
Counter what Bush said to you.
They took my advice and invited journalists to their task.
This is the first time, one-on-one.
We can't do better than the front page.
I negotiated for the Sunday edition, the front page and above the creases.
North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, has sent its own message.
Bobby's free career on the global stage is best traced back to the Vietnam War.
He was too young to serve, but when it was over, he began to focus on the fate of the soldiers who might have been left behind.
However, he is not just meditating with his friends, it is clearly a whim to decide to go to the Vietnamese delegation to the United Nations in person and provide services to help them improve their relations with Washington, specifically, the missing prisoners of war should be clarified.
The Vietnamese rushed to end their isolation and brought him here.
The relationship led him to travel to Hanoi, when few Americans were available and handed over to the US Congress a former Vietnamese foreign ministry official, Le Quang Khai, who decided to seek asylum in Vietnam, and claimed to know Americans who were imprisoned in his country.
On 1992, Le testified at a lengthy hearing on the issue on Capitol Hill, as did Egan himself.
The hearing concluded that there was no conclusive evidence that the American soldiers remained in Vietnam, but that Egan had made his own contribution.
Soon after, North Korea, even more deprived of contact with the United States than Vietnam, got word from Egan and found him.
Egan started by simply urging North Korean diplomats to withdraw from their mission, almost as sealed as North Korea itself.
He lured them to Cuby in 25 minutes.
The State Department allows them to roam miles from Manhattan, promising to meet members of the New York Giants American football team, who are friends.
They showed up on time.
"This is often my technique," explained Egan . ".
"Buy tickets for the Giants and pick them up and bring them here to eat.
"A new arrival of the North Korean mission in the medium term
The 90-year-old deputy consul is the person identified in the photo as Han, full name Han Song Lai, a rising star in Pyongyang's eyes, and he is a full ambassador for the second time.
EGEN has established what seems to be a real friendship with Han, including arranging intensive dental procedures to replace most of his rotten teeth.
This resulted in the mysterious role of Yagan as a North Korean general.
His job range from the driver and the doorman to making sure
Humanitarian aid is needed to fuel the diplomatic standoff in Washington.
What he did for North Korea, at least not recognized by Pyongyang.
Later, they decided to formally determine his position and appoint him as president of the United States.
North Korea trade commission
Meanwhile, in our conversation, Egan left his office and came back with a clear plastic box.
Inside is a lapels pin with the image of Kim Il Sung, who is the founder of the country and the father of the current leader Kim Jong Il.
This was his first visit to the country.
"I'm just one of two Westerners," he said . "
"I was told that I and some people from Romania.
"His relationship with his fellow citizens is much more complicated.
Almost from the beginning, he was recruited by the FBI to feed back the information he first collected from the Vietnamese and then the North Koreans.
A photo in his restaurant gallery shows him standing behind a North Korean official and picking something from his shoulder.
Egan claimed that a hair was sent to the FBI and that the FBI wanted to test it for DNA and found out what drug (if any) the person was taking ).
He said that in order to protect himself, he had never concealed from his Communist contacts and that he was passing details to his people.
He put my tape in the foyer on the day of the 1996 incident when a North Korean submarine strayed into South Korean waters.
When the crew were later found executed and left in the ditch, more than a dozen North Korean commandos had escaped.
Seoul and Washington demanded an apology from Pyongyang but were rejected.
EGEN made suggestions for distraction.
He wants North Korea to release about five American prisoners of war still in captivity from the Korean War, and he wants the United States to accept the release instead of apologizing.
Some of the passages in the recording were a frustrated Egan attempt to convince an official of the then President Bill Clinton's National Security Council to accept the idea.
Shortly after Clinton's senior advisor for Asian affairs, Jack Pritchard, went to Kubi restaurant to hear from him.
In the end, however, Egan was told straight away to get lost.
In a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Pritchard said: "He is engaged in state affairs-diplomacy and negotiation . ".
"He has nothing to do with things like that ".
The FBI also dismissed Egan some time ago, but he still believes that over the years, his work in keeping North Korea at the negotiating table has been much better than any trained diplomat in the United States.
Of course, he never listened when he was told to give up what he was doing. (
He made a telephone recording, including a telephone recording with Pritchard, to protect himself in the event that the United States decided to pursue his collusion with the enemy.
"For 25 years, I'm not going to rock somewhere. ")
"Before I got involved, North Korea was the only black hole in the US intelligence service," he boldly asserted . ".
"No one goes deep into North Korea like I do.
So he has never been taught by the United States.
"I told them to kiss my ass.
You have 50 years to deal with this before I come.
So don't tell me how to do my job just tell me what you need.
Still, he hinted to Egan that there was something ridiculous about his involvement-that Pritchard's assessment was correct-that he almost agreed.
However, the fact that he was there reflected a lack of American diplomacy.
"When one of the people in Hackensack who flip the burger is a consultant to these people, you have a problem because. . . these jerk-
In North Korea, offs did not sleep all night.
They're talking about theory.
I live in reality.
"Of course, at the end of 2003, the reality after Pyongyang published this prelude in The Times was that 6-
The party talks to bring it back from the Nuclear Brink began --stop at best.
Disaster a year ago.
North Korea has tested a nuclear device that is known to the world.
However, it may not be surprising that Egan thinks this is a sensible move.
In fact, he admitted that a few months ago he had actually made a request to his handlers in New York.
"I said to them, let Bush get off the chair and you might want to test one of those weapons.
Of course, that's the best thing they 've ever had because our government refuses to negotiate with full confidence.
"There is any impact on the decision of whether or not Gen will continue testing in Pyongyang, and no one knows.
But the analysis of this burger
Flipper may not be far from the mark.
Shortly after hearing the explosion around the world, an agreement was reached with Pyongyang to begin dismantling the facilities in exchange for assistance and eventually to establish a comprehensive relationship with the United States.
Unfreezing gives Egan nothing to do.
Two weeks ago, the Koreans found him to work for them, he said.
But he said he had another priority in any case.
He has lost a wife and a girlfriend in the past year. (
He dumped his wife.
His girlfriend then dumped him. )
"It's time to get my life in order," he said . ".
This means not going to Pyongyang again, but staying close to home.
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