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qantas denies airbus a380 wing crack claims - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
qantas denies airbus a380 wing crack claims  -  pet manufacturing process
This file photo taken on November 15, 2005 shows an Airbus A380 with Qantas logo sliding over the control tower after landing at Brisbane International Airport.
Australia's Qantas said Tuesday that Qantas will resume its flight to the US Airbus a380 over the weekend, two months after Qantas pulled it off the route halfway
Air engine explosion
Agence France-Presse photo/document/HEATHER FAULKNERSource: The Daily Telegraph has denied reports that the third A380 Airbus aircraft was forced to land due to a crack in the wing.
According to Network 10, the airline is considering a claim for damages to Airbus, the A380 manufacturer, due to a technical failure that caused cracks in the aircraft wing.
According to the report, Airbus reportedly refused to pay Qantas any compensation for its loss of income, which is considered to be about $0. 13 billion, while conducting inspections and repairs.
However, a Qantas spokesman denied the claim that no aircraft had been grounded and there was no plan for a large-scale damages lawsuit.
"Claim we have a third (Airbus)
"It's not right that our fleet is grounded," the spokeswoman told AAP . ".
On February, Qantas said it would carry out wing crack inspection on 12 Airbus A380 jumbo jets as instructed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
The cracks were caused by the manufacturing process and the airline had to stop using the a380 for inspection.
John Leahy, chief operating officer of Airbus customers, said the aircraft was safe to fly and described the issue as a maintenance issue.
"Unfortunately we had to replace some of these parts, but that did happen," Mr Leahy said . ".
Qantas said it was discussing with Airbus the cost of the business.
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