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questor share tip: bunzl's model shows its resilience - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
questor share tip: bunzl\'s model shows its resilience  -  food packaging film
Bunzl 962 p 17 quququestor said HOLD Weir Group Bunzl started as a clothing store in Bratislava on 1854 for cleaning, catering, retail and food
Processing industry.
These are items such as food packaging, disposable tableware, safety helmets for builders and handbags.
Essentially, it provides
The price of core products is cheaper than that purchased by customers themselves.
Instead of entering the Greenfield sector, the company expanded by acquiring local businesses and then growing organically.
Year after year, this strategy proves its effectiveness.
In fact, in addition to the figures released last week, Bunzl also announced a new purchase plan-Chicago --
Merchants based on CDW.
The business sells retail gift packages and other goods across the United States.
Revenue last year was $11. 9m (£7. 5m)
The total assets of the acquisition are estimated at $1. 3m.
Russia's view of investment after the glittering Petra Diamond can continue to dazzle Ophir is the genetic element of maintaining the spectacular run-up to the oil price rose to above $125 a barrel until December. bunzl's revenue increased by 7 PCs a year, 5. 1bn and pre-
Tax profits fell by 13 pc to 193. 7m.
However, when a person
Profit rose 11 pc to 30 6 after divesting items. 1m.
This is higher than analysts expected.
4 pc achieved organic sales growth.
The final dividend is 18.
3 p, will be paid on July 2. The full-
26 years payment.
35 p, pc increased by 34.
Profit margins increased by 20 basis points to 6 basis points. 6pc.
There is a hint of caution in Outlook statements, but this is not uncommon for Bunzl.
"Looking to the future, although the outlook for economic growth remains uncertain, we believe that our resilient business model, strong market position and promising acquisition channels will continue to be available," said Bunzl.
Questor has held the unit's rating since December 15, when it was rated at 849 p-but they continue to hit a new high.
The price-earnings ratio in December 2012 was 13 times.
4 times, down to 12 times.
6. the shares continue to be held.
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