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raf simons out at calvin klein after 2 high-profile years - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
raf simons out at calvin klein after 2 high-profile years  -  where to get mylar
In less than two years after he hosted a high-profile fashion show for Calvin Klein, which rocked the New York fashion industry, designer Raf Simons will leave the company.
After Calvin Klein "decided on a new brand direction different from Simon's creative vision," the company and Belgian designers announced they were "friendly ways to break up ".
"A representative of Simmons said in an email on Friday night that the designer would not have further comments.
After being appointed chief creative officer in 2016, Simmons revived Calvin Klein with his trendy European sentiments.
His New York Fashion Week show is a hot topic in the industry. since his first show in February 2017, the first show has conveyed a clear political message, with David Bowie at the beginning and end.
Celebrities flocked to watch his performance, critics raved, and the fashion agency presented him with three top awards in two years.
He won the women's wear Award from the American fashion designers Association in 2017 and 2018, and won the men's wear Award in 2017.
But criticism does not necessarily translate into commercial success.
It is reported that PVH, a company with Calvin Klein, has had disappointing sales under Simmons.
Fifty-year-old Simmons, who worked for Dior and Jill Sander, has brought an artistic European approach to this iconic American brand, often citing many cultural references --
Hollywood, especially. as inspiration.
In September, his fashion show aired in the movie "Great White Shark", with models from various diving suits strolling in front of a huge screen depicting a glittering ocean.
Many clothes were bitten.
Like being bitten by a shark.
Simmons says sharks represent danger.
"We are often attracted by dangerous things we actually know," he said in an interview . ".
"But we can't stay away from it.
Some models wear Thai hats and robes.
Simmons is also attacking "graduates ".
On the last February show, Simmons laid a huge popcorn bed on the former US stock exchange building in downtown Manhattan.
Guests struggled through the corn kernels to the seat, with some popcorn falling into the boots and shoes and applying a layer of powder to their clothes.
This is the American view of Simon, including a huge barn.
But the clothes did not attract the attention of the American countryside as the dystopian world on another planet, because of ballalava, the huge gloves, and a little Mera that flowed out of the clothes.
As usual, including Nicole Kidman, Margo Robbie, Laura Hyundai and-
Directly from the premiere party.
The cast of the Panther, including Michael B.
Jordan, Lupita nianggo and Chadwick Bosman.
Calvin Klein will not show up at New York Fashion Week on February 2019.
There was no news about the successor.
Simmons also has its own brand of men's clothing with the same name.
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