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ramee hotel director held, gets bail in hrs | mumbai news - times of india - acrylic sheet price

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
ramee hotel director held, gets bail in hrs | mumbai news - times of india  -  acrylic sheet price
Mumbai: in 7-year-
The old boy died in a family of four on the sixth floor.
The star hotel was negligent by management, and Zhu Hu police captured one of the directors on Wednesday.
A few hours later, however, Ashok Shetty at the Ramee guesthouse was released by the district court.
Shetty was presented at Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate's Court, which released him on bail of Rs 10,000.
Legal experts responded to the development, saying there was little police could do.
"The law looks at the defendant's intentions and in this case we may think that the hotel management or its employees have no intention of killing the boy," said criminal lawyer Mubin Solkar . ".
On July 3, Aditya Dube went to the hotel for dinner with his parents and their friends.
The family ate at the restaurant "mirchi" on the sixth floor while Aditya was playing with other children.
By mistake, he stepped on an acrylic sheet covered with a collapsed gap and Aditya fell and broke the sheet.
He died during hospital treatment.
However, the police are not
Commitment to Action by Santosh Shetty, general manager of the hotel, who runs the restaurant without valid permission and permission.
Earlier, Juhu police claimed they would take action against the owner and general manager of the hotel and said they could not defend their ignorance of illegal buildings.
The police applied to Ashok Shetty for a retrial, saying, "after recording the statements of the witnesses in question, the police concluded that the illegal building in the Mirchi restaurant section was carried out at the request of Ashok Shetty.
The work was done without any plan and permission.
Illegal construction work at the restaurant resulted in death.
Police are investigating the role of other directors in the case.
Legal experts say the police have no choice but to appoint hotel directors under Section 304 A of IPC, which deals with "negligence" and is easily released on bail.
The real way out of this situation --
Even those responsible for their lives.
They were able to walk freely immediately after their arrest in order to make 304 non-bailable.
"This is a debate that has been going on for quite a long time, but it will eventually be done by the legislature," Solkar said . ".
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