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rare color footage of london blitz uncovered - color pet film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
rare color footage of london blitz uncovered  -  color pet film
During the London Blitz, victims of the blast were treated.
City council of Westminster (CBS/AP)-
Winston Churchill and the rare color film that was bombed in London during World War II surfaced on the eve of the 70 th anniversary of the Blitz.
The video shows the destruction of several London landmarks, including the John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street and the victims of the explosion who were treated by medical staff.
Popular news: the disappearance of Google Cloud Services in Connecticut's mother Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris. The film was released by the city council of Westminster on Monday to commemorate the devastating German bombing that began on September 7, 1940 and continued until May 1941.
The video was filmed by an air raid guard and mayor in the city of mariboen. E.
Renson Kutcher
His family recently discovered it in their attic, which has not been seen for decades. In the 20-
The minute-long film is titled "Holy.
Mary Bonn's war diary, British wartime leader Winston Churchill, reviewed a civil defense workers' parade in Hyde Park.
The ruins of London's landmark are shown as bright red double-storey buildings
Decker bus in ruinsstrewn streets.
There are also training exercises for civil defense personnel to put out fires with buckets and hands. pumps.
The west side of the war "(
City council of Westminster)
Click on the video player below to watch an excerpt from the movie. }
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