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raspberry pi touch screen frame and case assembly guide - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-03
raspberry pi touch screen frame and case assembly guide  -  protective plastic film
One of the most versatile and useful Raspberry PI devices/accessories on the market recently is 10-
Touch Screen 7 inch LCD device.
The video above shows some examples of performances.
The touch screen is sold without any frame or support, just the film on the screen and the touch screen.
Since it's really a very high quality product that can make it more useful and easier to manage, it's worth adding a support framework and case.
The goal is to provide support for the screen, protect the touch surface, avoid possible sliding, and protect the back through the shell.
DIY kit can be purchased on drobott with different colors.
A few dollars;
For all users of structures.
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When the order is completed.
Instructions for this step-by-
Assembly procedures for step frames and cases.
The kit consists of 6 Pieces: The kit also includes the screws, Allen screws and nuts required for assembly.
In the first assembly step, we use the front and back frames.
Before using the transparent part, remember to remove the protective film from the transparent part.
Obviously you also need Raspberry PI Touch screen :)
Insert the screen into the front frame according to your needs and usage, four allen screws can also be used to insert the device with the frame into another bracket.
Without 3D printing case, the second rear frame can be installed separately.
If you are assembling a complete kit including a 3D printed case, follow the previous step and do not block the second rear frame with four screws and washers.
The touch screen controller board is then blocked on the back of the screen using short screws instead of long nuts. Congrats! ! !
Your system can now power on and start up.
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