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rationale for creating the first - high barrier food packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-01
rationale for creating the first  -  high barrier food packaging
Other creatures besides humans cook food.
Is nature wrong?
In addition, the excess of modern sugar and carbohydrates is completely out of sync with our genetic design.
It is no wonder that we are suffering from countless degenerative diseases that are unheard of in creatures that respect the laws of nature. A new 'Un-
The emergence and subsequent scale of agriculture about 10,000 years ago helped solve the problem.
The industrial revolution made it possible to supply on a large scale, solving the problem of quantity rather than quality.
With these changes, average life expectancy increases, largely due to agricultural productivity, efficient food distribution and preservation, and the development of utilities.
No, it's not modern medical measures that extend our lives, it's farmers, truck drivers and plumbers.
Primary products from farmers today
Cereals and beans
It provides calories but not natural human nutrition.
It can be effectively proposed that it is the transformation of the human diet to a grain-based diet that leads to a modern epidemic of chronic degenerative diseases and obesity.
If we draw a line 276 miles long that represents the estimated life time on Earth, the time since the Industrial Revolution,
Around 250.
Only about 1 inch on the last itsy bit of the entire line.
In other words, if we reduce the life time on Earth to one year, our modern industrial age will be less than two seconds.
While we grew up in a new era of fluorescent lamps, plastic surgery and Mars sticks, these are completely unique environments from a genetic perspective.
The genetic perspective of human genes and all other organisms is clearly adjusted to 276 miles instead of the last 1 inch miles.
Think about fish.
Its genes are programmed into life in the water and eat small fish.
If we try to deny the fact by taking it out of the water and trying to feed it lasagna, it will suffer "damage"ease' and die.
This very simple concept is very obvious and I even point out that it seems to be basic.
But few people get it!
We don't eat any sugar.
In fact, we will try to feed lasagna to raise fish, even meat and animal pets, live carpe diem, and believe that modern medicine can fix any problems.
A simple truth is that after many independent studies, experiences and thoughts, I have come to the following embarrassing simple truth: if things are not used in the way designed, they failed.
Our parents taught us the right way to use toys, we know to read the instructions, and the intelligence test we can all pass is not to put the square nails in a circular hole.
Applying these simple principles is the master key to health.
What is our Gene's expectation for human genes?
What did we write on our instructions?
Because the 276 miles on the timeline represent living in nature and eating the natural foods found there, this is the data that our genes correctly accept. . .
It's not the new synthetic environment we 've created in the past 1 inch of the time.
Our genes are coded with the outside world we designed.
When we are born, our genes are completely discarded on the floor of the forest and remain in this environment for a lifetime.
We should not confuse our origins simply because we were born in this new synthetic world.
Today's modern world is an unnatural world of leisure.
Conditional plastic housing, contaminated air, little sunlight or exercise, contaminated and treated municipal water, and illegible graded, synthetic fortified processed food from nature.
In fact, we are fish that are out of the water in a genetic age.
Food is an important part of health as an environmental food, because in fact, it is the environment in which we choose to take a bath.
Shouldn't we choose the food environment we fit in, 276 miles minus 1 inch miles?
In a way, unfortunately the body is so resilient that it will try to adapt to any food it provides.
This allows society to express great agreement on "adaptation toxicity" rather than face the problem directly and solve the cause.
If every time we eat something incorrect, our stomach gets sick and the choice becomes easy.
But not vomiting.
If our goal is health
We must use wisdom and vision in the days of endless abundance and symptom relief.
What we are facing today is that our bodies are doing their duty to seek steady state at a high and higher level of toxicity.
This desperate survival mechanism will eventually be emphasized beyond the limits, resulting in disease, degradation and loss of vitality.
Unfortunately, the consequences like this are temporarily unrelated to the cause diet program, the body is so tolerant and long
Few people understand the relationship between the outcome and the cause.
Using simple logic, then how do we organize all competing food ideas to get back on track?
I'm going to explain a very simple principle here, which is very reasonable and you don't even need to look for evidence.
Come with me and see if you agree.
Consider the following three prerequisites: just as a tree is genetically adapted to absorb certain nutrients from the soil, the lion is genetically adapted to thrive on prey, deer are genetically adapted to browsing vegetation, so humans are genetically adapted to certain foods.
Most of modern processed food is a product of the agricultural/Industrial Revolution.
They account for only a small part of human genetic history, not natural human food.
Natural, inheritedadapted-
Human food must be earlier than them.
In other words, how can human beings exist before the food needed for survival exists?
We have fully developed biology before agriculture and any food processing methods.
This means that the prototype diet that humans eat is the perfect diet because it is responsible for the existence and development of extremely complex human organisms.
This diet, if you like, is the environment, the environment, the nutrition of the uterus, and we are born from there.
If you consider these three premises, the logical conclusion from them is that the best food for humans is what they can eat in nature.
There is no big mystery about what healthy and natural food is.
If we are left in the wild, this is exactly what we can find, eat, digest and survive. . .
No competition.
The list is really short: fruits, nuts, milk, honey, some vegetables, eggs and prey/carrion.
One feature of all natural food is that it is raw.
Live if you want.
The significance of this fact is inferred from the law of biological occurrence, which states that life can only come from previously existing life.
Life brings life.
Even though scientists dream the opposite, we never observe life from non-
Life, we have not even been able
Life in the lab
If we eat live food, we can improve our own lives.
If we eat dead food, we will die.
Of course, it won't happen at once, but as the adaptive reserves run out and the balance doesn't work out anymore, we're like dead food we eat.
This is in line with what the father of medicine, hipoclardi, said thousands of years ago: "food must be in a state where they are found in nature, or at least in conditions as close to nature as possible.
"We were not suddenly dropped from the Earth by matches, microwave ovens, ovens, extruder, Fryer, rotisseries and Fryer from outer space.
We started off on the floor of the forest instead of queuing up for fast food restaurants.
Our natural bodies are designed for the natural world, just like other creatures.
Now all the other creatures on Earth eat raw food, just like they do in nature.
Do you think nature didn't notice our decision to change it all?
Of the millions of creatures on Earth, have humans discovered a mistake in nature and corrected it by cooking food? Hardly.
If you want to find a devil with modern ideas to cause disease, it is the hell of cooking.
Grain has become a pillar of modern processed food, not natural human food.
Although they are "natural "(
From Nature)
They are not natural food for human beings.
We can conclude that the starch is unfolded to make it digestible and to neutralize the toxins contained in the seeds to inhibit disease and intrusion in the field.
The grains were not tested for food that matched our genetic expectations.
We were misled by our immersion in modern cooking and food processing.
We assume that things should be like this, which is normal and common.
Even the "health food" industry has been fooled.
Granola, tofu, whole wheat bread and cereals are not natural human food at all. (
Although they are better than the refined white pabulum version. )
They cannot find in nature a form that allows them to consume safely in their original state.
In the wild, no one can survive by feeding and consuming them.
They grow other plants there and serve as food for other creatures.
Although cooking is usually reasonable because it makes (unnatural)
Food is easy to digest and taste, and can neutralize certain toxins and pathogens, with little attention to its inherent toxic and nutritional destruction.
Heating food, especially in the mixture, can spin off amino acids, carbohydrates, and vitamins, oxidation of essential fatty acids and cholesterol to form a Melad protein-
Sugar reaction product, change physics-
The chemical state of food, the formation of acrylic acid, hydrogenation of fatty acids, destroy enzymes, cooperate with minerals, destroy vitamins. . . .
Start with the list only.
The end result is a food matrix that may smell, look and taste great, with a toppings label and nutrition claim but nutrition imbalance and disease --producing.
The bottom line is that real food is a complex, biological, holistic matrix, not just a collection of reduced parts and fragments that can be handled with impunity.
Heat is the enemy of nutrition, which can be easily predicted by observing what happens to any other complex thing that is ignited.
Its highly ordered and low entropy is characteristic of the food of life and real life.
Heat accelerates the inevitable increase in thermodynamics of entropy. e.
The loss of order, which is the characteristic of life, is also the difference between life and non-life. life.
In fact, health information (
Another version of thermodynamic entropy)
Because of the introduction of heat, the information is lost in the food, so the information cannot be passed on to the diners and benefit them.
It is very difficult to achieve the ideal, original and natural diet today.
First of all, due to the abnormality of our taste, we will have difficulties in aesthetics and adaptability, and secondly, there are very few choices in the market.
Nevertheless, understanding the above principles helps us to understand how to make a diet decision and to minimize compromise as much as possible.
It gives us an ideal that we can at least work hard to achieve.
More than 20 years ago, I was frustrated by the wrong direction of the food industry and their reluctance to see or apply the above principles, so I started trying to bring this message to the people who think and create healthy
Over the past few years, breakfast cereal and snack bars have been of particular interest.
These products are in our on-the-
Going to society and improving society can bring broad benefits.
Therefore, using the above principles, our research institute has begun to develop a healthy breakfast cereal and snack bar replacement that tastes good and combines real natural human food to help lose weight, nutritional Enhancement, no heat treatment. Health-
First design the challenge of creating packaging, shelves
Stable products using these principles are not important, including: non-heat treatment-
It is critical that the product not be heated to more than 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and above this critical temperature, food enzymes and other nutrients are destroyed, reduced or adversely altered.
It is no wonder that heat is used so widely in food processing that it melts ingredients to allow formation and dries them to reduce the activity of water (
Critical for shelf stability)
And disinfect them.
Special processing care
In order to produce finished products with original taste, good taste and stable packaging, special equipment, manual preparation and separate ingredients are required.
In order to protect it on the way to the table, the final product must also block the photos
Dry under vacuum, rinse oxidation and air with oxygen
Free atmosphere and use of light
Barrier packaging.
The following natural human foods and nutritious foods are selected to create a new non-
Heat treatment, superior nutrition
": Nuts (not legumes)
It provides rich minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids.
The use of raw nuts requires the development of special processing techniques to remove bitter Daning from the outer layer, thus making them more delicious, digestible and nutritious.
Bean sprouts have the highest nutritional concentration and are in the most digestible stage in the life cycle of the seeds.
In the early stages of development, bean sprouts lost their resistance
The nutrients in the grain seeds must be neutralised by cooking.
In this application, they provide a raw vegetable "flour" matrix that allows formation without unnecessary starch (
Sugar, once digested and metabolized)
Carbohydrates of mature grain seeds.
Colostrum is a new major ingredient (first)
Milk is arguably the most important source of all food.
It is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, immunity
Enhancing antibodies and pathogens
Fight against iron affinity, milk Ferrin, and milk enzymes. Flax (
And the nuts above)provide omega-
3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants and fibers are generally lacking in modern diets, but are rich in natural human food.
Grain-based heat treatment diets change omega-6:omega-
3 from the natural 1:1 ratio to 20:1 or more.
In addition, the application of heat to these fragile oils can convert them into toxic trans configurations as well as other heterogeneous and oxidized forms.
Portuguese sugar is a beneficial element for promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics)
This in turn promotes digestion, detoxification and immunity.
Probiotic activity (live)yogurt-
Like the culture of beneficial microorganisms, they can increase immunity and digestive function and synthesize nutrients.
By integrating various species, a series of beneficial actions are utilized.
Enzymes are part of all natural foods, but are very subtle and destroyed above body temperature.
Natural enzymes in raw food contribute to digestion, nutrient absorption, and retention of digestive organs (
Especially the pancreas)reserve.
Pollen, a plant-rich "egg" containing hundreds of plant nutrients, is the highest antioxidant activity of any fruit or vegetable tested so far, including omega-
3. the minerals in the natural car, as well as the complex of vitamins.
As part of the natural unchanging component itself, vitamins and minerals have the most complete spectrum, the most appropriate proportion, and the most biologically available forms.
Antioxidants -
Natural antioxidants are used to help extend shelves, including fat and water-soluble vitamins and herbal oils
Protect vulnerable nutrients from being lost or becoming dangerous free radicals. Lipids -
Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as part of natural foods, can best promote health and weight loss.
In the natural "shell" of living foods, lipids are stabilized by a series of complex structural and biochemical features.
Fresh fruits -
Include the vitamins and antioxidant rewards they offer.
In addition, our study shows that certain fruit puree is particularly able to improve food stability by inhibiting food degradation and potentially pathogenic bacteria.
This is a good alternative to the chemical food used for preservation in traditional foods.
Almonds, Brazilian nuts, pecans, cashews, macadamia nuts, pretzels (
Including Portuguese sugar)
, Flax, plum, walnut, maple syrup, apple, milk essence (
Including colostrum, milk Ferrin, milk enzymes)
Honey, bee pollen, banana, blueberry, strawberry, enzyme, Yan malt, probiotic culture (
(Including yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, Botox)
, Quinoa sprouts, spelling sprouts, vanilla, cinnamon, Coral calcium, milk calcium, weisongcao (
Vitamin E-fertility-fat-
Natural vegetable oil resin, organic resin, soluble vitamin C)
The resulting United NationsCerealx99 (
Consistency of one piece of cereal)
The formed snack bar has a high production cost due to the cost of raw materials and difficulties and time.
Consumption processing.
But a little far away.
Even if a small amount is added to salads, milkshakes, or traditional breakfast cereals, they can greatly increase their nutritional density.
These products have proved very satisfactory as well.
A small bowl or bar to eat with yogurt or fruit, or a mix in smoothies, will "stick to the ribs" for a few hours, thus serving as a meal substitute and a high protein diet.
Due to the scale of our R & D facilities and the cumbersome manual ingredients required, our production capacity is limited.
Nevertheless, to some extent, we are able to provide products and their educational ideas that people can re-recognize their "food genes ", perhaps the principles of health can be integrated into the choices of other foods and lifestyles.
Clinicians may also find it beneficial to include it in the diet program, helping weaned patients get rid of carbohydrate dependence, or as a teaching tool to show patients the features they should look for when choosing healthy foods. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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