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RC Body - polycarbonate acrylic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
RC Body  -  polycarbonate acrylic sheet
This will show how to create a clear body of several varieties for your remote control car.
I made this for a 2011 Traxxas slash, but any RC with body-mounted can work.
Please note that this is my first note so I am open to any suggestions. Blow Torch(or Heat Gun)Sawzall (
Or grinder or cutter or saw)Dremmel (or Drill)Sander (
Clean look optional)Safety Gear1)
Remote Control Vehicle 2)
Acrylic SheetThicker or impact resistant acrylic is a good suggestion. Sintra (
PVC variant for outdoor logo)
This is also a good suggestion.
Lightweight and durable.
Fix the acrylic sheet on vehical and mark the mounting hole.
Shape and bending point are also determined.
Cut the wheel well and cut into shape.
Heat the acrylic resin to bend it.
The best way to bend acrylic is to use a heating strip specially developed for bending acrylic.
My father always told me to use the right tools in this job, but my tools are not as strong as his, so I used a torch.
You can also use a hot gun, but I find that the more concentrated heat coming out of the torch will only heat the area you want to bend and provide a cleaner bend.
The trick to bending acrylic is to heat only the area you need at the right temperature.
If you heat the acrylic too much, it will change color, there will be bubbles and it will become cloudy.
Heat it until it starts to bend and then stop.
I use the edge of the counter as a stand/mold.
After the body is cut and bent to form a hole drilled out of the size previously marked as a bracket.
Polish the wheel holes and edges evenly.
You can quickly browse the polished edges and holes with a spray light to make them look better and the texture is smoother.
In order for acrylic to stay on the body, the bumper needs to be removed.
Once the body is placed on the RC, the bumper gets in the way.
Place the body on the stand, pass the antenna through the stand and insert it into the body clamp.
Please note that when I test its limits with a 20 feet jump, the acrylic I use does not have the durability of the normal body.
How interesting it is for me to drive near, near and on the track.
It is recommended to use a thicker or more impact-resistant acrylic resin. Sintra (
PVC variant for outdoor logo)
This is also a good suggestion.
Lightweight and durable.
This is also my first note, so I am open to any comments or suggestions.
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