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reasons for tinting your home or business windows - colored glass film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
reasons for tinting your home or business windows  -  colored glass film
Window coloring is not just about reducing heat and saving energy.
While this is an important reason for owners to obtain window coloring treatment, there are factors such as safety, safety and reduced insurance that can lead to this decision.
The first reason for window coloring is to reduce your energy consumption.
Today, energy costs are rising sharply.
We all want to save energy. this is what tinting is going to do.
The new technology of the outer membrane makes it more durable and helps reduce damage to household items
Like your furniture.
By cutting UV rays.
UV and infrared rays are two main causes of damage, and coloring can eliminate these damage.
If heat dissipation is a problem in your house, usually when many windows are facing east or west, coloring reduces heat transfer without destroying the beauty of the outside.
You may notice that some rooms are hotter in the afternoon, even the walls are hotter, and the carpet fades.
Technology has changed a lot.
The version of some products is basically clear and does not reflect anything.
You really don't know where it is but you are protected.
If you have double insulated windows, you may think that they are doing everything they can.
In fact, you can do more.
Even if you have a nice window, you can make a big improvement on that one.
Each home or business will have a separate situation to see what is the best product to meet their needs.
The coloring installer will measure the window, view the affected areas, and then recommend the product that is best suited to solve this situation.
People don't realize there are so many different types of glass.
The glass technology has changed and there are some good types of glass.
But if you just get the colored glass, it's just a color in the glass.
It won't block the UV rays, and it won't block a lot of heat because it's just a stained glass.
A lot of people have old windows that are less energy efficient, but they don't want to bear the cost of tearing the outside of the house.
If the window is in good shape and the frame is in good shape, there is a way to save energy on existing windows.
Sometimes you do need to change the window, but if the window is in good condition, then you can improve safety and make it more energy efficient by applying a Sun control film or a safety/safety window film.
So if you're planning on doing this home improvement project, take some temperature photos of carpets, curtains, walls themselves and energy bills before the project starts.
Not only will you be surprised by the savings on energy bills, but you will also be surprised by the service life of carpets, window treatments and furniture in those affected rooms.
The second reason for window coloring is if you are refinancing the house and/or updating the homeowner's insurance policy;
You may get a Hurricane discount on my window (
And save your electricity)
By adding a color or replacing the window.
The check you need to reduce the insurance is called "wind relief check ".
At around 2003, when they first came out
All the way up to 2007-
There are films that are eligible for insurance discounts from homeowners.
These days, we must observe how we call the Hurricane section;
There have been some changes in legislation.
Some products can protect you from the impact, but you need to consult your personal insurance company about their specific requirements.
They may provide something;
They all have different incentives, such as lower deductibles.
The third reason for window coloring is safety.
We always hear news about family invasion.
This is what criminals usually do;
They broke the window or the back door glass and climbed straight in.
With the Windows handled by the safe movie, you will find that the windows combine if you try to break through it with a baseball bat.
Multi-layer products with puncture resistance and tear resistance.
Some are completely clear versions and you don't even know where it is;
Some will also reduce energy.
Depending on the type of window, there is also a multi-step process.
When you have a tempered safety window, they have to attach the film and glass to the frame of the window.
It definitely provides great protection.
Call it peace of mind.
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