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reinventing photography: hybrid photographic forms - mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
reinventing photography: hybrid photographic forms  -  mylar sheets
As a photographer, I have to deal with a lot of historical baggage about the effectiveness of photography as an art form, its position in other media and its relevance in an increasingly digital age.
However, some artists are not impressed by the weight of ancient history, nor by new technologies, but embrace everything and incorporate traditional art forms into their photography practice.
These artists have created mixed forms of photography. -
The art of combining photography with other media in an interesting way.
For example, they are making photos that are combined with painting or made from painting, photos that are cut or sculptures made from photos.
I suspect that these mixed forms are the result of multiple historical factors: the response to digital photography, the growing popularity of multi-disciplinary work, and the desire to revive hands, bring back physical contact with the media to photography.
It is not these artists who are doing things that have never been done before;
Photo collage, for example, is almost as long as photography.
But I think it is important that these artists do what they are doing at this particular historical moment.
People seem to have renewed interest in manipulating photos, defacing photos and using them as media.
In my opinion, these mixed forms are moving towards reshaping the path of photography, creating a new future for an art form, but paradoxically, due to its relentless, endless evolution, this
Hybrid photographic forms are a way to solve the baggage of the past and the changing technological foundations of the present.
The gallery below, both exhaustive and complete, represents some artists who inspired my own experiments in the form of mixed photography.
Christine Nguyen made huge photos by painting the negatives themselves on Mylar sheets, creating a lot of underwater worlds that are both photographs and paintings.
Christopher Russell also combines painting with photography to create a painting using a restoration process that scratches the surface of the photo.
Both Vlatka Horvat and Kim have cut and layered their photos, creating pieces of photos, some sculptures.
Kristin Thompson also cut the photos and interacted closely with the resulting numbers.
Cathy axe works with a photo collage, and Matt Lipps creates three pieces
Then remake the size photo collagephotographed.
Finally, I am sincerely interested in those artists who use photography in a mixed way and combine multiple media, so if you have one person, you think I should see or include him in future galleries Please post your suggestion in the comment column below.
Reinventing Photography: The hybrid form of photography is part of a series of online galleries of contemporary art curated by Kylie Yuri.
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