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renowned chef feeds rio’s homeless with excess olympic food - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2020-11-15
renowned chef feeds rio’s homeless with excess olympic food  -  corrugated plastic
Fagner Dos Santos had the last meal 12 hours ago: Two hard bread and coffee.
For most of the past decade,year-
While living on the streets of Rio, old people have been fighting drug addiction.
When he eats, it is usually in a dirty soup kitchen or after picking up the garbage.
Now, he's enjoying three with more than 70 other homeless people.
Package offered by one of the world's top chefs.
The menu includes: osso buco with butter baroa potatoes and ice cream dessert.
"Who would have thought of providing food for society for a group of homeless people?
Dos Santos said, gazing at the open-air art.
The restaurant was packed with people, the waiter was wearing a prim orange apron and took him away from his hard life in a moment.
The food place is the creative place of Italian chef Massimo Bottura.
Bottura, using leftover ingredients from Olympic catering suppliers and other local partners, created a gourmet soup kitchen RefettoRio gastroa, which has been homeless for Rio for a week
The name is a play on the Latin reficere, meaning "restoration" and recognition of the restaurant known as the mainstay of the monastery.
The problem is over $15.
Bottura, a billion price tag for the first Olympic Games in South America, wants to illustrate the sustainability of the Games by showing a symbol of the waste of the games: supplying more than 210 tons of food a day, prepare 60,000 meals for athletes, coaches and staff.
"It's a cultural project, not a charity," said Bottura, a Michelin-starred giant.
The star of Modena, Osteria Francesca.
"We want to rebuild the dignity of our people.
"Bottura said that he was inspired by Pope Francis's propaganda of the poor and prototype a similar project organized at an abandoned theater during the Milan Expo last year.
His goal is to educate people about food waste to help feed 0. 8 billion hungry people in the world.
This resonated in Rio.
Over the past year, with Brazil in its worst recession in decades, the city's homeless population has struggled.
In June, the state government of Rio faced a financial disaster and had to close or cut the services of 16 catering centers.
The splurge at the Olympics will only add to the sense of abandonment of the homeless, and many reports say the police have repeatedly taken them away from the recently cleared City --
The restaurant Bottura is located in the area of Lapa.
In contrast to the government
The Running Center, where food is served on prisoner-like food trays with disposable cups, RefettoRio is a pleasure for food lovers with designer wooden tables, oversized photo of French artist JR and long mural of the Last Supper drops of chocolate by top Brazilian artist Vik MunizSelling Artists
In the evening, the space built with corrugated plastic on the dilapidated plot donated by the city looks like a space with lights onup box.
At the Olympic conference, Bottura convened a tour of famous local and international chefs.
After the game, the project will become a lunch restaurant, and the proceeds will serve dinner for the homeless.
Beneficiaries are chosen by groups, such as groups that provide shelter for prostitutes on Liberation Street in Lapa.
Working in the kitchen is a graduate of local partner Gastromotiva
Profit cooking schools have turned hundreds of Brazilians from neglected slums in the country to chefs.
For many diners at RefettoRio, the food here is not the same as anything they have tasted before.
But this is their favorite royal treat.
"Sitting here and being respected on an equal footing makes me feel like I have a chance," said Valdemir Faria, an educated man, after an hour of his marriage and living in a city, he was caught in a vicious cycle of alcohol.
On Sunday, when the dinner service began, a man who was not well dressed recognized himself as just Nelson took out a few slices of radish from his eggplant panzanella salad and took them
"I thought it was paper," he said with a smile, trading a raucous "grazie, grazie" with Bottura ".
The Sunday dinner was prepared by chef Rafael Costa e Silva who usually fixed the dishes
At his swank Lasai Bistro in Rio, the meal cost is $190.
When he makes a living for the rich, he says he will never forget the experience of serving the poor.
After dinner, Costa e Silva came out of the kitchen to thank his guests.
This is Father's Day in Brazil, so for many men who come together to talk about the wrong turn of life and the estrangement with their families, the mood is high.
"What you enjoy is a simple meal, but it's a meal full of love and care," Costa e Silva said before a round of applause at the restaurant . ".
He wiped a tear from his cheek and continued.
"We want you to feel spoiled.
At least one night.
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