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repair your greenhouse with polycarbonate sheets - polycarbonate sheet design

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
repair your greenhouse with polycarbonate sheets  -  polycarbonate sheet design
Greenhoudit: Andrew Green, 2011 we have been restoring the abandoned allocations we have taken over for the last eight months.
Our most recent task is to clean up and prepare the ground, build a shed for our tools, and repair the greenhouses we inherit with the site.
For some, changing greenhouse glass is probably the easiest task, but I do it myself.
My wife is better than me: most people are, but she is not an expert either.
Luckily, one of the neighbors in the grant came to help us and suggested that we replace the greenhouse glass with 4mm polycarbonate sheets.
The place was destroyed and the hut that used to stand there was burnt out, so you can imagine that the greenhouse was not in good condition.
The basic structure is there, but half of the greenhouse glass is missing.
Before we turn our attention to other things, we have removed the dangerous and broken glass;
But now, with the hard work behind us to prepare the land, it's time to think about planting, and we need a place to grow seeds and tender grass.
It's time to fix the greenhouse.
Polycarbonate sheetsCredit: amazonPolycarbonates is a thermoplastic polymer.
Thermoplastic is a group of polymers that become liquid when heated and cool to the glass state when fully cooled.
They can be easily processed and molded to manufacture a range of products including polycarbonate sheets.
The properties of carbon-like glass remain to about 15c and become liquid at about 300C.
So don't be afraid it will melt in a British summer!
The use of carbonate in garden buildings like greenhouses is quickly becoming the norm.
Carbonated grease is given special surface treatment in the greenhouse to make it scratch-resistant.
Where do you need 4mm of the polycarbonate plate for greenhouse.
You need to measure your greenhouse, but there is a standard size for the polycarbonate sheet for the use of the greenhouse, so you should not have a problem.
We found a range of vendors on Amazon and everything we need.
In addition to the polycarbonate film, you will also need galvanized wire glass clips, 25mm aluminum foil tape, and build a set of overlapping depending on how your greenhouse is (or 'z')clips.
Cut the polycarbonate sheet into a suitable size.
It opened my eyes.
These things are easy to handle.
Cutting is much easier than glass and you won't take the risk of cutting yourself.
Of course, unless you are not careful with the Stanley knife, I will always advise you to be careful there.
Our 4mm polycarbonate has a 8ft x 2ft sheet, so, where we have a lot of clearance, it doesn't need to be cut at all or trimmed.
But we should not worry about the parts that do need to be cut.
It was suggested that we go through the sheets with a pad saw.
It takes a little time to find one, but when we find it, we find that it is not really needed.
We can use a combination of a Stanley knife and a good pair of scissors to cut the polycarbonate sheet.
Measure the paper that needs to be cut to the size.
It comes with a plastic film so you can mark the outside with lines that need to be cut.
Draw a line with a Stanley knife.
The rules of steel are ideal.
We don't. we can only do it with a straight piece of wood.
If you have cut deep enough, you should be able to bend the polycarbonate sheet along the cut route.
Then it is easy to cut and trim the sheets according to the size and shape you want.
Andrew Green 2012 first takes your 25mm aluminum belt to the metal frame of the greenhouse.
This helps to keep moisture tight and fit it.
Next, you need a galvanized wire clip.
These are not as complicated as they seem.
The glass is straight behind.
The two spires were then clipped behind the greenhouse frame.
I have attached a picture to show what this looks like.
Overlapping segments are used where two sheets of paper need to overlap.
These are simple and clear.
We did all the work faster than we expected and now have a fully functional greenhouse.
If we can do it as a non DIY type, I'm sure you can do it as well.
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