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report clears pilots in swissair crash - metallized plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
report clears pilots in swissair crash  -  metallized plastic
According to the final report of the accident, 229 people on Flight 111 of Swissair were doomed to fail after the cockpit of the aircraft caught fire.
"Even if the pilot can foresee the final deterioration caused by the fire, they will not be able to complete a safe landing in Halifax due to the rapid development of the fire, said Vic gadden, chief investigator of the Transportation Safety Board.
SwissairBACKGROUNDER: the transport safety board's proposal TSB released its final report and list of proposals in Halifax on Thursday.
Investigators spent four and a half years and $57 million investigating the crash near Peggy Bay. 2, 1998.
They said the fire occurred in a concealed area on the ceiling on the right side of the cockpit.
Investigators concluded that sparks in cabling
The flight entertainment system may have caused a fire that caused the plane crash.
Sparks ignite the heat covered-
A soundproof blanket in the area. FROM CBC-
Television disclosure: Wired and dangerous "it must be emphasized here that accidents will not occur without the presence of such flammable materials and other flammable materials," Gerden said . ".
The report said the crew did not know the fire until it was too late.
The TSB has released 23 security proposals, including nine new ones released on Thursday.
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