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researchers develop transparent wood as an eco-friendly alternative to glass and plastic - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
researchers develop transparent wood as an eco-friendly alternative to glass and plastic  -  clear plastic sheets
Researchers from Sweden and the United States have successfully developed transparent wood.
The treated material looks like transparent plastic, with the same insulation and environmental quality as ordinary wood, but can pass through more light.
Researchers working on the product believe that one day it can be used as a substitute for plastic or glass for construction and design, but there is still a long way to go before it reaches your living room.
A group of scientists at the University of Maryland is one of the teams working on composites.
Create it, Dr. material scientist
Liang Binghu cooks wood in the bath of chemicals and removes any woody material that gives the color of the wood.
As the New York Times reported, this left behind the basic cellular structure of the wood.
Next, he poured the transparent epoxy onto the block, wrapped it and protected it. Dr.
Hu Jintao published a paper on his team's achievements in the Journal of Advanced Materials.
In an interview with The Times, he said: "This can indeed open up applications for potential alternative glass and some optical materials.
"Transparent wood is also developed on the other side of the world at the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology in Sweden. Like Dr.
According to FastCo Design, Professor Hu Lars Berglund used chemicals to remove wood components from the wood and replaced them with polymers to create 85 clear fine wood strips.
Berglund hopes that one day this material will be used in the ecological environment.
Friendly solar cells as a ready-made and renewable alternative to glass.
However, this material does have its limitations.
At present, the blocks that can be produced are very small --
The largest work produced by Dr. Hu is only about 1 cm thick and a few inches wide, while the bedsheets of Berglund are usually paper-basedthin.
There are also concerns about the price and efficiency of brands --
New technologies can be created.
However, new technologies are always expensive at first, and as research continues, scientists want the production process to become more scalable and affordable.
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