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restaurant review: harbourside ocean bar grill, auckland cbd - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
restaurant review: harbourside ocean bar grill, auckland cbd  -  plastic sheet
Address: 1st th Floor, Ferry Building, 99 Quay Street, Auckland Tel :(09)
307 0556 out of 10 rating: Food: 7 service: 7 Value: 6 environment: 6 we spent: $315 to buy two.
Do you like oysters?
Asked the waiter.
Do you like bread?
"We know," we replied . "She beamed.
"We have bread and oysters like we won the lottery," she said.
In fact, we're put in a slightly awkward situation where you either ignore the screaming on your credit card or ask "how much" like something that's not culturally, cheap --arse. "How much? " I asked.
$33 in half. a-
We agreed because (a)
Canvas Magazine payment and (b)
Canvas magazine paid for it. (
We saved $9.
95 no reservations-
Extra virgin olive oil and whipped butter roasted focaccia on waihek island 29).
Seriously, I promised because the Bonia news from Bluff is devastating, and I'm worried that next season, oysters could be more expensive than a house or avocado in Auckland in June.
In addition, their value is very high compared to the Atlantic scallops, which are clearly business class by air --
How to explain the eyes-gouging $27. 95 for three?
Harbourside claims to be an upscale seafood restaurant.
It is located above the historic Ferry Building, overlooking the inner harbor, and is perfect for this claim.
Unfortunately, we can't see the sea.
Our original table, on plastic.
The enclosed outdoor deck is located directly on the path of the plastic plate gap.
It didn't seem appropriate to have a $40 main course in a dolphin jacket, so we retreated inside.
They can take 120 seats here, and the busy lunch service centered on the bustling open kitchen can be fun.
On a winter Saturday night it was a bit like being locked in the lobby of a business hotel on a long weekend.
Chevrolet is on the carpet.
Art is bratty.
At least we had oysters.
Fat, sweet, metal.
These scallops are actually very good, thick and translucent, even if the version we received doesn't look like the one that was later prepared for photographers and thumbnails
The size of the pork block is a strange Square for the ankle meat.
I fell in love with my main course according to the online menu.
Smoked apper fish and pau fish "soup" with squid ink, seaweed and pearl onion ($28. 95).
Who wouldn't slide right?
But it's like a man. in-
Shirts and shiny shoes.
Sometimes you want a little bit of stubble.
King urra salmon main course ($39. 95)appealed.
I imagine oily fish, smoked leeks, meat mushrooms, apple slices
Remind me of this expensive with sea and crayfish essence samphire and diamond clams.
It was a very beautiful dish, but I was not intoxicated.
James found the problem: "There is not enough competition. " He was right.
The richness of soft luxury has been blurred into a devastating description: Nice.
Wish you good luck with a scorched half trousers ($37. 95)
In the Mediterranean. inspired punch.
Ratatouille and piquillo chili sauce dominated and the fish cooked perfectly, although we could not identify the promised sausage crumbs and deep seafried soft-
The crab shell decoration is redundant. Dessert?
A apricot bav meat served with ivory vanilla cheesecake, pistachio ice cream, apricot, rum and raisin fruit plate ($16. 95).
It was delicious, but I felt very tired by typing all these words.
We used to eat outside like this. Nineteen-things-plus-
Sauce on the plate
But that was before the average office worker started receiving 121 emails a day, "poverty" became a word before "time.
Life is complicated.
Dinner is not needed.
Dear harbor, it's me, it's not you.
What I'm supposed to do is order a whole-roasted fish.
An apper fish or flounder fish in Hawke Bay (500g ($38. 95)
John Dolly, 1 kg ($64. 95).
I was jealous of watching the couple share the latter on a far table.
I should order that fish, and I should eat these bones as happily as I have eaten those precious oysters.
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