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revonext reveals new iems at a price we can all afford - translucent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
revonext reveals new iems at a price we can all afford  -  translucent polycarbonate
From a good pair of headphones, you want three things ideally;
The first is sound quality, the second is comfortable, and the third is value for money.
These three parameters are rarely combined in a pair of headphones.
However, even though it sounds unlikely, I found a pair of headphones that provide amazing sound quality, superior comfort . . . . . . And the price is cheap.
I reviewed a couple of four a month or two ago.
Driver earplugs from Sweden RevoNext.
The headphones are great and made very well with aluminum ears --shells.
They include removable cables and regular dynamic drives that use balanced stator drives, as well as very large sounds that can still provide subtle music.
A few weeks later, RevoNext asked me if I was interested in reviewing the RX8 headset, a dual headset
The driver model costs only $27.
They sound too good to be true.
RX8s showed up a few days later and they also looked very impressive.
I should call these headphones. In-Ear Monitors)
Because they look like very expensive IEMs used by musicians on stage, they are using a balanced armature drive and you will find it powering expensive hearing aids and IEMs.
There are quite a few headphones coming out of China right now, using this time
Expensive Technology
I can only assume that the production has increased significantly and the price can drop to the level where we can all use balanced headphones --
Stator drive.
RevoNext RX8 uses a hybrid design that adds traditional dynamic drives to each headset to handle bass, while balanced stator drives provide a very high
High quality treble signal.
By using two separate drives and cross filters, these IEMs can provide sound quality, which can cost much more if designed and made by a traditional single drive.
The RX8s drive is housed in a streamlined sound chamber made of a translucent polycarbonate shell imported from Germany, designed to naturally sit in the ears that keep the shells in place while the detachable cable is connected.
RX8 has three colors: blue, black, gray and red, and the shell is coated with UV-cured, high-
Glossy varnish, very wear-resistant, looks cool.
Cable for headphones through 2-pin plugs.
Removable cable means that the wire can be replaced if the wire is damaged, or the cable with the online remote control and noise can be replaced
Cancel the microphone for the call.
The cable itself is made of oxygen.
Free copper wire, painted in silver and then plated like expensive IEMs, with this microtone (
When the wires rub together or rub your clothes, those terrible vibration noise will pass the cables to your ears)
Keep it to a minimum.
This is especially useful when you are walking, jogging, or exercising in the gym.
The end of the cable is terminated in regular 3.
5mm stereo jack plug for smartphones and digital music players.
Before using the RX8 headset, I have to choose a pair of suitable silicone ear tips to connect to each one.
Three sizes of ear tips are provided and they feel well made enough to withstand heavy use.
As mentioned earlier, the cable hook is on the ear and the tip of the ear slides into the ear canal while the driver sits comfortably in the bowl of the ear.
The plastic case is more comfortable than the more expensive RevoNext quad
The driver's headset I saw before.
I would say they are as comfortable as many very expensive houses
Headphone display I have tested before.
The RX8s sound was fantastic considering their price.
Dual drive design, dynamic drive using bass and mid bass
The range, while leaving the treble balanced armature drive, is like a charm.
The separation of the two signals creates a broad and dynamic stage that truly brings music into life.
The bass line sounds almost like a submarine. woofer;
It's as much as you hear, and it really makes drums and bass lines in a way that you rarely hear with a traditional Dynamic headset design.
Through the rich and plump bass and mid-tones, it is the sweet and precise treble emitted by the balanced armature driver, which makes cy and other percussion instruments have the same persistence as the bass.
However, with all of this dynamic happening, I have never found my ears tired with such a loud and engaging sound.
The concert is beautifully presented when needed, and when the occasion is needed, the concert becomes bold and serious.
Conclusion: The more I listen to RevoNext RX8 headphones;
The more I like them.
I think these will be my "goals" easily"
When they work brilliantly in such a wide range of music, their daily headphones are cheap enough that you don't need to worry about losing them on the train.
To get something better, you need to use a pair of IEMs that cost more.
Warm and beautiful bass combined with the steel-like precision of the balanced treble
This headset is probably the most cost-effective one on the market.
Highly recommended.
Pricing: £ 24/$36/€ 27revonext.
ComRevoNext offers some special deals starting in November 10-30, so it may be worth checking on the company's website.
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