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rhode island tourism video features reykjavik, iceland - colored glass film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
rhode island tourism video features reykjavik, iceland  -  colored glass film
Maybe this state is supposed to be Rhode Island Iceland.
Rhode Island officials posted a new travel video on YouTube Tuesday aimed at attracting visitors to the state.
Viewers complained that a scene was filmed in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.
The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation confirmed the matter and accused an editorial company.
The state released the video at a meeting on Monday night and released a new campaign on Tuesday.
The introduction of the video features skateboarders outside the glass building and has a narrator saying, "Imagine a place that feels like home but is unique enough that you will never get bored
People on social media say: Hey, that's not Rhode Island-
This is the Harpa concert hall and conference center in Reykjavik.
Designer Greg Nemes, who visited Iceland in October, said he recognized the photogenic building with a steel frame and a crust of a glass panel of different colors.
"It was very clear to me, so I dug around and posted relevant information on Facebook," he said . ".
Social media users agree with him. by-
Photo of the building side of Rhode Island ad and Harpa.
Earlier Tuesday, the art director of Rhode Island business said he could "guarantee that all the footage is in Rhode Island ".
But later on Tuesday, a spokesman for the agency confirmed that the building in the state's travel ad was Harpa and said an editorial company used the wrong lens.
Spokesperson Kayla Rosen said in an email: "When the commercial company put this demo video together, clear instructions were given to the local company that helped editors use Rhode Island lenses only
"Made a mistake.
Once an error is found, the video is deleted.
She said the $22,000 video is being updated free of charge to commercial companies or countries.
This is not the first time people are embarrassed by the use of incorrect footage in promotional videos.
February TV ad by Marco Rubio, the Republican presidential candidateS.
Senators from Florida opened in Vancouver, Canada.
In 2007, the Tennessee tourism department was attacked for taking photos in Alaska.
In 2014, the Republican candidate for Rhode Island governor was announced after filming a television advertisement in Ohio.
On Twitter, Rhode Island representative.
Republican Daniel Reilly questioned the cost of the state's travel video and its use of the Reykjavik stock video.
He added hashtag nicnicejob.
Neames, who teaches at Rhode Island School of Design, said he is not in a campaign to bring anyone to justice, and the state's travel video has plenty to enjoy.
He said he was just questioning why Rhode Island needs a good-looking scene from somewhere else.
The state has released videos and a new logo with the slogan "cool and warm" as part of a $5 million integrated campaign to attract tourism and business.
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