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rome unveils trevi fountain facelift - transparent barrier film

by:Cailong     2019-07-11
rome unveils trevi fountain facelift  -  transparent barrier film
ROME-Rome announces the Trevi fountain at its 252-
This is the latest in a series of private events on Monday
To fund the restoration of Italy's precious landmarks.
The stone rendering of the trons guiding the shell chariot of the water god Oceanus will be cleaned, and the new pumps, artistic photographs and obstacles to stop pigeons will be installed in 2. 2 million euros ($3 million)
Projects for the next 16 months.
The water at the Fountain site has stopped flowing, marking the end of a water pipe that is said to have shipped "Virgin water" to thirsty ancient Romans to allow the Italian fashion company Fendi to sponsor
Standing in the square named after three roads (“tre vie“)
Fendi chief executive bectro Beccari said the group is known for its luxurious fur and "French stick" bags, in part because the group's connection with Rome has prompted the project to receive funding.
"We can give back what the city has given us over the years in terms of inspiration, beauty . . . . . . Most importantly, when Italy needs a positive attitude to do things with people and talk less, "said Beccari.
The last big fix was about 25 years ago, but the new technology that has developed since made it the most thorough fix in the history of the fountain.
A transparent barrier was set up in the perimeter, and in 1960 movie sweet life, screen siren Anita Ekberg set up a pedestrian bridge above the pool, structure.
Despite these efforts, when visitors arrived at the square on Monday, they moaned and saw the façade covering one side of the Roman Polly palace covered with scaffolding.
But some people acknowledge that the work is necessary.
"This is something that has to be done, so you can't be upset about it," said Bobby Noby, 43 . "
Retired soldiers from California.
"How many structures have there been in the world for so long?
"The private sector across Italy is taking steps and public funding is lacking to restore historic sites that are dangerous for tourists, prompting entrepreneurs in the country to step in and sometimes avoid them being possible
Luxury shoemaker Todd is paying to restore arena and jeweler Bulgari on Spanish Steps.
In the north of Venice, Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel jeans, spent money decorating the Rialto Bridge in return for using it as an advertising space.
Defense and technology group Finmeccanica has pledged to invest up to 2 million euros worth of staff and technology into a project to support the crumbling town of Pompeii, in 79 A. D.
Rome mayor Marino azio Marino said at the opening ceremony of the project on Monday night that it is a common responsibility to protect the city's cultural heritage.
"What we have in Rome belongs not only to the Romans, but also to the people who come to our amazing city every day.
Tourists throw coins into the fountain every year, which proves the superstition that this can guarantee the thrower's return to Rome, for a total of about a million euros.
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