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rooftop garden for a tiny house - corrugated plastic roofing sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
rooftop garden for a tiny house  -  corrugated plastic roofing sheets
Hello everyone!
This instruction is about making a small roof garden or flower bed.
This is what I did in a small workshop in the garden.
If you're curious, I 've written an internal table about it.
We have neighbors who live on and next to us and they have a better view than the roof, so it's also better for them.
The project is very simple and consists of two materials.
Outdoor level board.
19mm or 1 "thick, 150mm or 6" wide.
The 70x70mm or 3x3 "Rod is also outside of premium wood. You need 3 X3M-
10 feet parts of the board.
The pole position is only 1 m or 3 feet.
A piece of plastic foil 3. 5 x 1.
2 m or 12x4 feet.
2 times the corrugated roof plastic plate.
You can find free plans and details for this project on my website.
Check if your roof can carry the load of the garden, which is about 500 kg tons in my case, so this is quite considerable.
First, the board needs to be cut into length.
You can live for two in 3 metres. 10 feet.
Need 2 parts at 1 m. 9 feet.
The rod part needs to be at 160mm-6. 3" (2x)and 170 mm -6. 7".
The roof is angled, so the two long parts are placed at the lower end of the roof.
So now the board and the Pole part are screwed together.
It's nice and simple, with the pole knots in the corner as support.
In this way, the corners will stay together over time.
So corrugated roofs can now be placed on existing roofs.
This step is skipped in the video, but this is very good for the drainage of the roof itself and the soil.
On this, plastic foil can be placed, and then bag soil can be placed. In total 560l (148 gallons)
The soil is in place.
If the plastic is halway or slightly below the wood edge, there is no need to go to the top of the wood edge, which will produce a small reservoir.
We want to make the garden ecological.
We put bee-friendly seeds and two small lavendel shurbs in the garden.
Then add some water!
I put water on the roof for 4 days.
It was summer, so extra water was needed.
Otherwise it won't be needed, it rains every other day here at NL.
After 2 days, the small plants are already growing, and after 4 weeks, the bees are very satisfied with these plants!
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