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royal mail: stop posting crisp packets without envelopes - metallised plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
royal mail: stop posting crisp packets without envelopes  -  metallised plastic film
Royal Mail had a fight between activists and the crispy maker Pacers --
People are urged to put empty bags in envelopes.
Activists ask people to post
Recyclable plastic bags and "there are photos of US popping up in posts on flood Walker social media ".
Under the law, Royal Mail is obliged to send luggage to the traveler's free mailing address.
However, they cannot go through the machine without envelopes and must be sorted by hand, resulting in delays.
A spokesman for Royal Mail said: "We strongly encourage customers not to mail anything in a postal system that does not have the correct packaging.
"Crisp parcels can't go through the machine, they are not normal mail items, so my hard-working colleagues need to sort them manually, which adds time.
"People have been taking selfies to post clear packets themselves and putting them on social media along with the label packetinusers.
Prior to that, a petition was held at 38 Degrees, calling on walkers to make their packages recyclable.
Cathy Warren, a 38-degree activist, said: "Royal Mail has asked people to use envelopes when they release crispy bags, and we will update thousands of Walker customers who are participating in the event.
"Across the country, people are telling Pacers to step up when it comes to plastic waste.
"The Pacers produce an amazing 7,000 plastic brittle bags a minute and they don't spend a penny cleaning up.
They need to listen to their customers and take action now.
Royal Mail says it has handled about 30 crispy bags so far.
Susan Seck, director of the school of packaging at Michigan State University, said potato chips need a very good oxygen barrier because they have a high fat content and other packaging alternatives may have a greater impact on the overall environment.
"From the perspective of the shopers website, their packaging seems to be similar to the packaging of most snacks," she said . ".
Such products are usually packaged in metallized PET or metallized PP, both of which are metallized films.
"Because of their fat content and the possibility of sour defeat, fries [crisps]
"A good oxygen barrier is needed," said Dr. Selke . ".
"The old alternative is the paper or plastic laminated on the aluminum foil, which is usually heated with a plastic layer on itsealing.
In most cases, this structure will also not be accepted for recycling, and for various reasons, this structure is much heavier and will have a greater impact on the overall environment, so this will not be
More rigid packaging can be used to provide a good oxygen barrier, but this will result in more materials being used, she said.
"Several studies have shown that most of the environmental impacts are at the production end, not at the disposal end, so these alternatives may increase the overall environmental impact," said Dr. selke, "even if recycling increases . ".
Pacers say its packaging is designed to keep snacks fresh and to prevent food waste. The Leicester-
The crisp-based manufacturer confirmed that it had started receiving the crisp package and claimed it would be "used for research ".
"We recognize that efforts are being made to bring to our attention the issue of packaging waste," a spokesperson added . ".
"When we are committed to improving the recyclability of the packaging, the returned packaging will be used for our research.
"It promises to make all its packages 100% recyclable, compost or biodegradable by 2025.
The company is experimenting with packaged products in the United States, India and Chile.
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