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Russian miniature artist fits world’s smallest books on halved poppy seeds - thin polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-10
Russian miniature artist fits world’s smallest books on halved poppy seeds  -  thin polyester film
Each book is made of a few pages of very thin polyester film and printed letters through flat print media.
According to the artist, the most challenging task is to bind the page with two "rings" made of five micron tungsten wire, which will make his work look like a real book.
In order to turn the page, the reader must use a sharp needle.
To do this, he chiseled two holes on the film, each of which was about 10 microns in diameter.
He then cuts the film and sticks it to a white paint coating (about six to eight microns thin), leaving the hole empty.
Subsequently, the master customized the film according to the book size and installed the ring in the respective gaps to complete the masterpiece.
"The main difficulty is your own heartbeat, which is a heartbeat that reaches your fingertips and passes to the instrument, which starts to beat with the heartbeat.
"You only have half a second to make the required action," Aniskin told RT . ".
"I do everything myself.
My tools are similar to the ones that carve wood, although they are small and can be placed in the palm of your hand.
Aniskin said that it took him several years to develop the methods and techniques for creating masterpieces and several months to create every miniature object.
The books are displayed on a golden plate containing the cut-out poppy seed Center.
Aniskin places the book on the top half of the plate, while below you can observe the page separate from the letter-engraved book.
This technique allows potential readers to understand the content of the book without opening it.
One of the books, known as "levsha", refers to the famous Russian story about a skilled left wing.
Handed to a man named Levsha who killed a flea with the horseshoes.
Aniskin's book lists the names of the masters who have successfully acquired similar skills, including his own names.
On the page of the second book entitled "alphabet", the artist depicts the letters of the Russian alphabet.
"I have two goals.
The book must have reasonable content in size less than 100 microns.
It must also be possible to put it on the page.
I think of two topics, the first one is the list of last names of the owners who managed to buy fleas, and the second one is the alphabet.
There are four pages in the first book.
"There are seven in the second," he said . ".
The exact measurement of this book is 0. 07 by 0.
09mm, about 88 times smaller than the official records of Japanese publishers, and 0 for Japanese publishers. 74 х 0. 75 millimeters.
Dr. Aniskin of physics and mathematics, after borrowing a book from the University Library in 1998 called The Secret of Invisible Masterpieces, discovered his passion for miniature models.
Aniskin, who was considering a jeweler career at the time, thought it was about the jewelry industry.
It turns out, however, that the book is dedicated to the Soviet miniature aircraft.
"It all started with a book called The Secret of an unseen masterpiece.
This is a collection of stories about the works of Soviet miniature artists.
After a while, I started getting the hang of it and started showing my work ".
In describing his masterpiece, he mentioned that he had three main goals.
"The first task is to create a miniature book, the second task is to move the miniature book, and the third task is the smallest person --The workpiece made.
"I started to implement these ideas with a book," the artist said . ".
Since then, he has created a series of exquisite miniature models, some of which are on display at the Museum of Miniature art of Saint "Russia Rivara"Petersburg.
His most famous works include the camel team inside the needle, the scene of Winnie the Pooh, and a set of pieces placed on the poppy seeds, as well as a Sochi Olympic medal, which is only 2 ml in diameter.
All his works are handmade.
It can be made with only a microscope.
When asked about his vision, the artist said it was slowly deteriorating.
"My eyesight is not good and I have been falling. But it is age-related.
The vision gets worse when you use a microscope, it is mistuned, or the light is not good, "he said.
Aniskin said he will submit an application next week and ask for his crafts to be included in the Guinness World Record.
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