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sabic's 3d-formed lexantm sheet increases visibility, safety, comfort and performance of rottne forestry vehicle glazing. - lexan margard polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
sabic\'s 3d-formed lexantm sheet increases visibility, safety, comfort and performance of rottne forestry vehicle glazing.  -  lexan margard polycarbonate sheet
Horse field, January 28, 2013-(PR. com)--
So when the RottneIndustry AB needs to be high
The performance glass materials of windshields and windows of its harvesters and freight forwarders have supported sabic's innovative plastic business.
Working withSABIC, distributor, Winke Essaplast Group Co. , Ltd. selects toughness and high optical quality LEXANTM dtmpolybonate in Sweden RottneIndustry AB (PC)for the job.
The success of this collaborative project shows that SABIC is committed to meeting the needs of its customers.
The demand for superior material performance is increasing.
"Since we started using SABIC's LEXAN sheets, we have received great feedback from our customers about the enhanced optical quality of our windshield and windowsof-the-
Art optical quality LEXAN sheet extrusion production line, "said January
Aker biyork, purchasing manager, Rottne industrial AB.
"Operators have reported significantly clearer and clearer views from thecab, enabling them to work more efficiently and safely. This world-
In this important segment of the market, classroom technology is undoubtedly helping us to please our customers and stand out from the crowd.
"LEXAN Razd MR5E sheet, hard on both sides
UV coating (UV)
Protection table-
3D printing, protective hard coating optionalformed shapes -
Superior visibility and leading optical performance of extreme impact strength to enhance the safety of these applications.
LEXAN asid MR5IR thin sheet absorbs near infrared (IR)
The light helps to improve the operator's comfort and ability to withstand hot weather, providing excellent UV protection, wear resistance and impact resistance. Both industry-
The leading product comes from SABIC's new sheet extrusion production line at the manufacturing plant of bergenop Zoom in the Netherlands.
Jack Govers, general manager of SABIC, said: "Our optical quality LEXAN polycarbonate sheet is very shining in harsh environments, such as logging, it can be specialized in film and film in expanding the protection, comfort and vision of workers.
"We invested in the country. of-the-
Manufacturing capability and technology, as well as strict quality control plan to ensure excellent optical performance and high performance of LEXAN sheet
The final performance within the industry.
We are pleased that Rottne Industry AB has chosen our materials, which clearly helps them to achieve higher customer satisfaction and improve their competitive advantage --a win-win for us all.
New state of SABICof-the-
Bergen op Zoom's art optical quality LEXAN sheet extrusion production line uses class 1,000 clean room technology to produce one of the best optical quality paper in the industry.
Optical quality LEXAN sheet can be used for lamination and glazing of forestry and agricultural vehicles, high-speed trains and bulletproof glass
PC laminate for VIP, military, police cars, and glass windows for high security facilities such as prisons and other correctional institutions.
The new production line began at 2011 in the fourth quarter and expanded its production capacity to 2 to 15 mmgauges.
Seeing forests and trees, SABIC's LEXAN Domd MR5E table provides the best optical performance of the lexan pc product line.
It meets the highest requirements for black spots, bubbles, lint and fiber, as well as distortion and ripple defects.
This material saves about 50% of the weight compared to glass and is very easy to break.
It complies with the ECE 43 r regulation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE)
Approval for safety glass materials.
Thanks to the durable hard coating, the LEXAN massd MR5E sheet has excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance to maintain its optical clarity and attractive appearance, and provides long term easy-to-maintain features3D-
The molded LEXAN massd adds value to LEXAN paper, making it easier for the parts to be installed in the cabin and reducing the risk of defects during installation.
For their forestry equipment, Rottne industrial AB Selects lexanaded paper for all Windows printed with afade
Tape, covering the glue used to install windows in a metal frame, and then both sides are hard coated.
The freight forwarder windshield and windows use LEXAN Domd MR5IRsheet with a wavelength range of 780-1400 nm.
This material helps to save energy and prevent potentially harmful UV radiation by controlling the infrared heat of the operator's cabin by sunlight, while providing clear visibility.
This technology reduces the generation of heat.
On hot and sunny days, it can help reduce the cost of air conditioning.
For additional information about SABIC's LEXAN table, please go to www. sabic-ip. com.
For technical consultation on products, please contact usat www. sabic-ip.
Contact Information: SABIC Innovative plastic David Cameron 413-448-
2260 contact by emailsabic-ip.
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