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sainsbury's introduces the plastic wine bottle - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
sainsbury\'s introduces the plastic wine bottle  -  polyethylene terephthalate
If wine lovers add their merlot in the process of introducing a spiral top bottle, they will feel very suffocated by the innovation that Sainsbury will launch next month-plastic bottles.
Supermarkets claim that light-weight, recyclable bottles are more eco-friendly and they bounce back if they fall on the floor instead of crushing.
But wine experts are cautiously welcoming the introduction.
300 chairman Simon Berryyear-
Berry Brothers & Rudd, the old wine dealer, said: "I want to try it first.
I am quite skeptical, frankly.
"As the whisky industry has begun to do, making glass bottles thinner may be a more effective way to reduce carbon emissions, he said.
Wine, super new goal
The Rich's bar bill reached £ 105,805, while it was possible to buy wine in plastic containers before, and Sainsbury said it was the first time the bottle looked the same as a traditional glass bottle.
The initial trial will see the supermarket chain selling its two brands in plastic: a. 4.
99 and 3 New Zealand lovesickness.
Shiraz, Australia.
In addition to the two, Sainsbury's will also sell two plastic Langya wines.
The Australian wine producer's two retail stores are priced at £ 7.
49, created the use of plastic down.
Johnnie Ray, a wine critic for The Daily Telegraph, said he did not object to the idea, but had reservations.
"They look cheap and cheesy, but if the winemaker says it's good enough for his wine, who should we argue?
"They may be blacked out like the screw cap at the first time they were introduced.
"At that time everyone said 'how terrible, 'but now there are some cracked wines with the top of the spiral," he said . ".
The traditional glass bottle weighs about 14 ounces (400g)
Compared with pet (PET)
Plastic bottles weighing 2 ounces (54g).
The British drink about 1 billion bottles of wine a year, equivalent to about half a million tons of glass.
According to the government's packaging agency, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, reducing the weight of all glass bottles to the lightest will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90,000 tons.
A Sainsbury spokesman said plastic bottles would be perfect for summer if the weather improved.
"Not only does this mean that shopping isn't going to be overwhelmed by heavy wine bottles, but PET bottles are perfect for summer festivals, picnics, beach parties and barbecues.
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