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sale of caps, sunglasses rises with soaring mercury | kanpur news - times of india - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
sale of caps, sunglasses rises with soaring mercury | kanpur news - times of india  -  polycarbonate lenses
Kanpur: After a short period of pleasant weather, soaring mercury has again caused losses to the city's hat and sunglasses sales.
Average 500-
In the famous market area, 700 hats are sold every day, while the sales rate of sunglasses is higher.
From children to middle age, people in all age groups
Older, in order to save them from the hot sun, they have been shopping for beautiful hats.
Most people choose cotton caps because they can keep them relatively cool and healthy for the skin. "The ever-
The changing fashion trends bring young people to the store and look for fancy hats to withstand the heat, which also makes them look cool in this hot weather, "Munna said, A salesman at a hat shop outside the Government International College (GIC).
Rehan, another hat seller at Mall Road, said buyers mostly ask for pure cotton materials because nylon hats made of other synthetic materials can smell bad and cause hair loss.
The owner of sunglasses also witnessed the boom in sales.
A large number of people flocked to these stores to buy glasses to keep them in a stylish state and to prevent them from being exposed to the sun.
"Most buyers need vintage goggles.
The demand for designers and color frames is also high.
I sell around 100 to 150 sunglasses a day due to the Sun, "said Mohd Salim, owner of the PPN market.
However, ophthalmists remind people to use points
The standard sunglasses are just to save some money as it can be harmful to their eyes.
Dr. Shalini Mohan said: "The adverse effects of using sunglasses with poor quality can lead to eye irritation, tears in the eyes, this is due to differences in lens transparency, visual distortion, headache and blurred vision, and eye specialists and consultants at lala Lajpat Rai hospital.
When discussing the difference between good sunglasses and unqualified sunglasses, Dr. Shalini said that the poor quality sunglasses are irregular on the surface, resulting in light diffraction.
When using substandard sunglasses, the eyes must work harder to convert these rays into parallel beams, which cause eye fatigue, she said.
However, walking in the sun without covering the eyes can also cause damage to the eyes, so it is necessary to wear sunglasses, but the quality is good.
The risk of damage is high from ten o'clock A. M. to four o'clock P. M.
Athletes, students, salesmen, media personnel and others who spend their time outdoors and have to face the sun for a long time are more likely to have their eyes damaged. Ultra violet (UV)
The radiation of the sun can cause damage to the eyes, but sunglasses block these rays.
Dr Mohan added that in order to better prevent UV rays, one should look for UV protection from 99% to 100% or even consult an eye doctor to test the UV protection level of sunglasses.
It is recommended that dark sunglasses reduce the glare of the sun, but the tone should not be dark enough to distort the color.
The expert added that the shades of the glasses are hardly different, as this is mostly a matter of personal preference, but neutral gray, Amber, brown or green lenses may be the first choice.
He also added that since these lenses are cracked, polycarbonate lenses should be preferredresistant.
Even children should wear sunglasses when moving out.
When it comes to the precautionary measures of Dr. Sanjay Dubey, another eyedrops said, "one must wash the eyes in cold water at the same time, avoiding direct contact with the sun, only after consulting an expert, try to use better quality glasses.
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