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samsung galaxy s5 in 10 new features - polycarbonate plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
samsung galaxy s5 in 10 new features  -  polycarbonate plastic
Samsung is the world's largest smartphone seller, and the fact that every time a new phone is launched, it adds more pressure, which explains why the new Galaxy S5 has just appeared in Barcelona, expected to debut in Canada in April, it may look a bit conservative.
Samsung believes that its focus is on improving the customer's favorite features.
There are 10 new features to look forward. 1. iPhone-
Just like the gold version, the phone's shape and Galaxy S4 don't change much, and the material is similar: its shell is still made of polycarbonate plastic, although the back panel texture feels more upscale.
S5 will be available in black or white at launch, but electric blue and iPhone 5 s-like copper-
Gold will join the lineup later. 2. Water-
The Galaxy antthe Galaxy S5 is accredited to ip67, meaning it can drop for 30 seconds in a glass of water or up to 3 metres of water without any serious damage. 3.
The slightly larger display, Galaxy S4, has a 5-inch display.
S5 added a little bit at 5.
1 inch, but the resolution is still 1920x1080 pixels, which is lower than some would like the 2560x1440 Ultra HD display. 4.
Android 4.
The latest version of Android, Android 4. 4.
KitKat powers the new s5.
In addition to this, Samsung has modified its custom interface to unlock the app and buttons to make it easier to find and operate.
This will delight those who are tired of Samsung's aging UI. A Qualcoom 2. 5-GHz quad-
The core processor helps everything run smoothly. 5. Less on-
Unlike PCs, smartphones often appear
A bunch of unnecessary applications and services were loaded.
Samsung removed most of them and only kept the most popular ones: voice, health, and chat. 6.
16 megapixels, 13-than s4-
Million pixel camera, but it's still 20-
Sony's Xperia Z2 with a megapixel camera.
Samsung shortened autofocus to 0.
Second, however, while adding some neat features, such as artificial background blur, make the photo look like it was taken with a professional SLR camera and lens. 7.
The Galaxy S5 is the first mobile phone with a 802.
11ac MIMO WiFi antenna, which means it can download files three times faster than the Galaxy S4.
Samsung has also added "enhancements" to allow simultaneous downloads using WiFi and LTE connections. 8.
Heart rate sensor users of S Health app like to keep track of what they eat and how far they go.
Samsung decided to focus on this, add ANT compatibility to some fitness accessories and add a heart rate sensor that can activate by placing your finger directly in the flash area. 9.
Fingerprint scanner you can unlock the device by sliding your finger to the bottom of the display, where the fingerprint scanner is integrated.
This increases the security level of the device as it replaces the notorious Four
Most people don't like to use digital code, and Samsung may offer mobile payment solutions in the near future. 10.
Increased battery life Samsung Galaxy S5 promises to play 12-hour video and 10-hour web browsing on LTE, which is equivalent to a 20% increase in battery life.
A new black and white energy saving mode also helps maximize battery life by limiting energy consumption and the number of applications opened.
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