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samsung has rightfully delayed launch of samsung galaxy fold - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-03
samsung has rightfully delayed launch of samsung galaxy fold  -  protective plastic film
Release and approach-
The direct failure of Samsung Galaxy Fold is worth a look.
For a cynical tech expert, this is an ice cream cake full of golden soup.
The innovation of OLED screens capable of folding, twisting and rolling up will shape the future of visual technology.
However, Samsung Galaxy Fold has something in the first place that makes it feel more like a stupid gimmick than an innovative technology.
Perhaps its failure will stop Apple and others as they work on their folding phones.
See also: The Bee movement at pornhub is buzzing with Beerotica to help save the bees, although Samsung has confirmed earlier that it will release the Samsung Galaxy On April 26 after a problem with the device is reviewed, the company is now delaying consumer spending to at least next month.
To add fuel to the fire, Samsung also canceled its launch in China, accusing the site of problems.
But we know the real reason.
This is because of the creative acceptance of the classic folding phone with Samsung Galaxy Fold (
Nothing is better than Motorola StarTAC)
, There is a very annoying feature that will eventually destroy the device.
The protective layer shall not be peeled off.
Do not peel off the protective layer that is easy to peel off.
Do not remove clear stickers from the front of your phone.
Don't mess up the fragile things that prevent screen failure, this thin piece of plastic is the key to the function of the device, it is not firmly attached or built into the device.
This is a design flaw that competes with the dead star.
Who will read the warning on any of their devices, not to mention the phone?
Our phones are more easily abused than anything we have, always in our hands, pockets, tables or on the ground.
We put boxes on it, put stickers on it, and of course we can also choose any protective film on the phone.
So while Samsung should have found this kind of engineering design error in the quality assurance testing section developed by Galaxy Fold, that's not the case, and now it looks stupid because it delayed the release.
At least they did not explode.
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