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samsung releases new galaxy s5 smartphone to take on apple - textured polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
samsung releases new galaxy s5 smartphone to take on apple  -  textured polycarbonate sheet
Joanna Stern, a Wall Street Journal personal technology columnist, will focus on Samsung's "next big deal ".
Heart rate sensor for Galaxy s5.
Figure: Harry Tucker
Source: In a continuing war with Apple over smartphone dominance, newscomausamaster finally removed the page from the latest Galaxy S5 smartphone device.
Early reactions to S5 are potential.
Most commenters are impressed by its focus on enhancing its basic features, such as better batteries, cameras, as well as water and dust-resistant roughness.
The BBC praises the improved security of the new biometric fingerprint scanner, but if this feature sounds a bit familiar with Apple's own fingerprint scanner, you won't be the only one.
Ernest Doku of USwitch
Com said: "Samsung seems to have cherries --
Choose the most people
Pleasant features offered by other manufacturers.
"The new smartphone, which will be released worldwide on April 11, will be packaged as 5. 1-inch full-HD screen, 16-
Four-pixel camera
Core processors, fingerprint scanners, heart rate monitors, and storage of 16 gb or 32 gb.
The design of the Galaxy S5 has finally begun to stay away from the cheap plastic feel of the previous Galaxy device, which features a new textured pc rear with four "modern glitter" colors --
Carbon Black, white bright, electric blue, copper gold.
Although the new material is much better than the old plastic, it is still better to have a metal design.
New Galaxy S5 color range.
Figure: Harry Tucker
Source: News. After Apple's iPhone 5S was released last year, it was interesting to include a fingerprint scanner.
The fingerprint feature of the Galaxy s5 requires you to swipe the home button down to not only unlock your phone, but also lock and unlock certain files and apps.
The biggest problem with the scanner is Samsung's new partnership with online payment company PayPal, which allows you to purchase anything via PayPal on your Galaxy S5 device using fingerprints.
Samsung is also equipped with a heart rate sensor to complement its new S-
Help you stay healthy and see if your workout is really doing something for you.
Heart rate sensor for Galaxy s5
Figure: Harry Tucker
Source: News reports the updated camera on the Galaxy S5 is touted as a key feature that Samsung claims is the best on any phone.
Has risen to 16-
But the main new features include fast autofocus, real-time HDR mode, and selective focus. The 0.
The 3-second autofocus speed is comparable to some DSLR cameras, which undoubtedly helps to eliminate blur when trying to take a quick photo.
If you're a bit blurry, the selective focus mode allows you to choose where you want the photo to focus, and can blur the rest of the photo, resulting in some very good photos.
Real-time HDR features allow for better low levels
Light picture and deeper color, good effect but no lower color
Upgrade photos to the same quality as HTC One or iPhone 5S.
New Galaxy s5
Figure: Harry Tucker
Source: in the Galaxy S5, news magazine's battery life is another important consideration, the battery size is increased by 20, and a new super power saving mode is added, limit the phone to basic functions via a black and white screen to save battery.
The waterproof and dust-proof rating of ip67means that the phone can cope with a little water without worry and is rated to survive 30 minutes in water below 1 m.
Samsung's new interface is also much better than ever, eliminating the cartoon style and adopting a stylish modern interface closer to Google's Android operating system.
New interface for Samsung.
Figure: Harry Tucker
Source: Press Release details have been released at the price or Australia release date, but we should be in the store within about a month. Specs:5. 1-
Android 4-inch full HD Super AMOLED display.
Month KitKatQualcomm month. 5GHz quad-
Core processor for Storage 16 16 gb or 32 gb-
Rear camera/2 pixels. 1-
Millions of pixels front camera 28 00 mah battery21-
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