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samsung's folding screens break but huawei's issues could be just as bad. - flexible plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
samsung\'s folding screens break but huawei\'s issues could be just as bad.  -  flexible plastic sheet
It looks like most screen failures on Galaxy Fold are user errors, but there are enough other issues that need to be delayed when Samsung solves the problem.
Huawei is unlikely to go better.
A bunch of review units show catastrophic screen failures (see here)
This strongly suggests that the Galaxy folding is not ready for the public to handle.
The core of the problem is the plastic sheet that looks like a screen protector, but it doesn't mean it's removed.
Many reviewers have removed the plastic sheet and have suffered a catastrophic screen failure as a result.
These screen failures can't really be blamed on Samsung because the plastic sheet is clearly placed there to strengthen the screen and should not be removed.
In the review unit, it is not clear that Samsung will now use a sticker in a large font to clearly correct it.
However, there are also some devices that do not remove the protector but still show a problem.
Units on the edge (see here)
A bump was developed under the screen, which eventually caused the screen to fail, while CNBC's device also suffered a catastrophic screen failure.
In any case, the incident rate is too high, and in order to avoid a large rate of return, Samsung needs to postpone the shipment of this device until it knows exactly where the problem is and how to solve it.
This is something Samsung might do because Samsung is still very sensitive after the Note 7 disaster, which caused shareholders to lose more than $ 5bn.
This is not a good sign for other folding devices, but for Huawei it represents an opportunity to get a folding device on Samsung.
While Huawei's design is simpler because it folds outside rather than inside, it does have a problem with screen durability.
Most smartphones today use tempered glass to protect their screens from scratches.
This is obviously impossible on a flexible screen, which is why everyone uses plastic.
The hardness of the materials measured by Moshi scale (scratchability)
And Grade 6 tempered glass scratches, grade 7 with deeper grooves.
In contrast, plastic scratches at level 3 mean that the screen of the foldable phone may turn into 3-
Five times higher than ordinary smartphones.
Samsung has fixed the issue by putting the screen inside so it can be protected when it's off, but Huawei is out there.
If the screen is easy to scratch, it will prove to be the same serious problem as the one Samsung is facing today.
Huawei will be happy to focus on these events, but there may be different problems with its devices that are equally serious.
The end result is that foldable phones are not ready for prime time yet and will not soon bring the smartphone market back to growth.
Therefore, as the market stabilized in 2019, the market outlook in 2020 still declined slightly.
With this key advantage, Huawei will continue to put pressure on Samsung's profitability, which will not rebound soon.
The mobile phone market this year is not a good place.
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