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san miguel corp ( - polyethylene terephthalate properties

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
san miguel corp (  -  polyethylene terephthalate properties
Founded in August 21, 1913, San Miguel is a diversified enterprise group.
The company's market segments include beverages, food, packaging, energy, fuel and oil, and infrastructure.
The company's product portfolio includes beer, liquor, non-
Alcoholic beverages, poultry, animal feed, flour, fresh and processed meat, dairy products, coffee, various packaging products and a range of refined petroleum products.
San Miguel real estate, a subsidiary of the company(SMPI)
Engaged in commercial property development, real estate sales, leasing, strategic real estate enterprise management, real estate services and other businesses.
The company's beverage sector includes Brewing, distillation, sales, marketing and distribution of beer, liquor and non-beer
Alcoholic drinks.
Its products include St. Miguel White Pearson, St. Miguel super dry goods, St. Miguel light, San Miguel strong ice, and San Miguel advanced full-Malt.
Other beer brands include Cerveza Negra, Red Horse, golden eagle, beer festival beer, San Miguel flavor beer, San Miguel zero and alcoholic malt drinks. Its non-
Enterprises that produce non-alcoholic beverages
Carbonated, ready-madeto-
Mainly brand Magnolia, tea, juice products and water.
San Miguel Brewery, a subsidiary of the company(SMB)
Mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of fermentation and malt
All kinds of drinks, especially beer.
Small and medium-sized enterprises have more than six production facilities in the Philippines. they are located in Luzon Island, Visayas and Mindanao Island. they operate a brewery in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand,
The company also produces liquor through its subsidiary, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI).
GSMI is a gin manufacturer with brands such as Ginebra San Miguel, GSM Blue Light, Primera Light and Vino Kulafu.
GSMI operates a winery, five liquor bottling plants and a cassava starch milk plant.
GSMI has hired about two fee bottling plants across the Philippines and a bottling and winery in Thailand.
The food department of the food company provides a range of food products and services to families, institutions and food service customers.
The food business is carried out through San Miguel Pure Food(SMPFC).
In addition to the Philippine business, the food business also operates in Indonesia and Vietnam.
SMPFC is a Philippine food company that provides a wide range of food products and services to families, institutions and food service customers.
SMPFC has a brand name in the Philippine food industry, including chicken Magnolia, ice cream and dairy products;
Monterey of fresh and marinated meat;
Pure Food for refrigerated processed meat and canned meat;
Star of margarine and DariCreme;
San Miguel super coffee for coffee; B-
Meg of animal feed and La Pacita of biscuits.
SMPFC has multiple
A channel distribution network that supplies products to supermarkets and traditional retail stores, trade, food service channels and licensed stores.
SMPFC is also engaged in the development, restructuring and testing of new products.
The packaging department of the packaging company provides packaging solutions for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, spirits and personal care manufacturers.
Packaging business is packaged by San Miguel Mountain Village (SMYPC)
San Miguel village packaging International Co. , Ltd (SMYPIL)
San Miguel Asia, Mountain Village (SMYAC)
Mountain village Fuso mould Co. , Ltd. Canned Asia Limited(CAI)
Meilan Island corrugated board Co. , Ltd. (Mincorr)(
Group packaging group).
The packaging group includes the packaging business in the Philippines, which produces glass, metal, plastic, aluminum cans, paper, flexible materials, pet (PET)
Other packaged products and services such as PET bottles and aluminum cans are charged for drinks.
It also supplies products to customers across Asia.
Multinational companies in the Pacific region, the United States, Africa, Australia and the Middle East, and the Philippines.
The packaging group has about 10 international packaging facilities in China (
Glass, plastic and cardboard products), Vietnam (Glass and metal), Malaysia (
Research Center for composite materials, plastic films, woven bags and packaging)and Australia (
Glass, trade, wine caps)
And New Zealand (
Plastics and trade).
Metal cap, Crown, resale cap and Double Crown produced in metal industry
Suitable for aluminum beverage cans in a range of industries including beer, soft drinks, non-alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic drinks and food.
The plastics business produces bread and food pallets, industrial containers, crates, pallets, poultry floors, barrels and barrels for companies in the beer and beverage industry as well as the chicken and agriculture industries.
The PET business produces PET premix and bottles, plastic caps and handles.
The composite/flexible packaging business produces flexible packaging, plastic film, industrial laminate, Environmental Radiation barriers, and woven bags.
The paper business produces corrugated boxes and partition boxes.
In addition, it also produces corrugated cartons and other paper
Production of packaging products through its subsidiary Mindanao corrugated board Co. , Ltd. (Mincorr).
The company's energy sector is carried out through SMC Global Power Holdings. (
Global Power)
It is a company engaged in power generation industry in Philippines.
Three power plants in SMC Global Power Management, located in Sual (coal), Ilijan (natural gas)and San Roque (hydroelectric)
The total capacity is 2,545 MW.
SMC Global Power and its subsidiaries include subsidiaries of San Miguel energy and South premiere Power.
Strategic power developmentCorp.
San Miguel Electric
SMC PowerGen.
, PowerOne Ventures energy
Albert electric energy, United States of America
SMC United Power Corporation and San Miguel United Power Corporation.
The fuel and oil sector of the fuel and oil company operates the fuel and oil business through Petron Corporation (Petron).
Petron is mainly engaged in the marketing and distribution of crude oil refining and refined petroleum products in the Philippines and Malaysia.
Petron is a comprehensive refining and marketing company in the Philippines.
Peter Dragon dealers (Service station)
Industries, lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)sectors.
In addition, Petron is engaged in non-fuel business.
Petron owns and manages an oil distribution infrastructure in the Philippines with more than 30 warehouses, docks and airport facilities, and has about 2,200 retail service stations and more than 10 product terminals in the Philippines, in Malaysia, a warehouse and a network of about 570 retail service stations.
Petron also exports a variety of petroleum products and petrochemical raw materials to Asian customers, including naphtha, mixed PX, benzene, toluene and propylenePacific region.
Petron owns and operates an oil refinery in balongmei, Philippines, producing 180,000 barrels a day.
Infrastructure the infrastructure part of the company is carried out through San Miguel Holdings. (SMHC)
Including investment in companies holding long-term equity
Long-term concessions in infrastructure in the Philippines.
The toll roads it operates include Tarak-Pangasinan-
United Highway (TPLEX)
Southern Luzon Highway (SLEX)
Phase I, Phase II and Tagalog South Road (STAR)tollways.
Its ongoing toll road project is the NAIA Expressway (NAIAx)
The third stage of the sky road
Boracay Airport is also expanding.
In addition, it owns a concession to build, operate and maintain Rail Transit Line 7 (MRT-7).
The company competes with Asian breweries.
Sichuan net Brewing Group Co. , Ltd.
Tandoye distillation company
, Pilmico food company, Univet nutrition and animal health company, Global robinna company, Charoen Pokphand Food Company of Thailand, China New Hope Group, Bounty Fresh Food Company
Bonne Agricultural Enterprise Co. , Ltd.
Gama food company
Chara Farm, the most important farm, the most important Milling Company in the Philippines, Foodsphere, Inc.
Virginia Food Co. , Ltd.
Century Pacific Food Co. , Ltd.
Food company, food company.
Kerry New Zealand
, RFM, San Pablo manufacturing, AD Gothong manufacturing, Yizi Philippines, Unilever-
RFM, marketing company Tridharma.
Nestlé, Lopez Group and Aboitiz Group.
40 San Miguel Avenue, Central Post Office, Metro Manimani Villa. O.
: Box 271 Mandaluyong 1550 P: 632. 6323000F: +632.
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