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satellite, artificial - metallized plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
satellite, artificial  -  metallized plastic film
Satellite, man.
Artificial objects that orbit the Earth, the moon, the sun, or any other celestial body.
In October 4, 1957, Soviet Sputnik I became the first
The event that manufactured objects were placed in orbit ushered in the space age.
The arrival of the space age has had a profound impact on American education.
The scientific content of the high school curriculum has been modernized, and advanced research in engineering and science has received new attention.
Later, the methods and principles of teaching were extensively explored, enabling students to cope with the rapidly changing and expanding technical aspects of society.
Politically, the ability to orbit increasingly heavy and complex satellites immediately became a prestigious issue between countries, especially the United States and the Soviet Union.
The concept of international law was extended to space and many political issues were raised.
Some of these problems, such as the prohibition of the use of nuclear weapons in space, have been solved, but other problems, such as the development of weapons to destroy space satellites, have still not been solved.
Satellites have important applications in communications and meteorology.
In studying some of the most challenging problems of pure science, satellites are also important, such as the origin of the Earth, and even the origin of the entire universe.
The development of space science also provides a direct benefit to society in the form of so-called technical mistakes, that is, the invention and process originally developed for space projects (
Or failed to try to solve the problem for the space program)
Later became useful in other applications.
For example, metal plastic films developed for the early man-made satellite Echo were later found to be used as materials for camping equipment, food packaging and winter clothes.
A unique application is to act as a lightweight tapestry that protects a person from freezing temperatures, but when folded small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.
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