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SC allows replacing of tarpaulin at makeshift Ayodhya temple - polythene sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
SC allows replacing of tarpaulin at makeshift Ayodhya temple  -  polythene sheet
The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the replacement of the "old and worn" TARP in the temporary Ram temple at Ayodhya's disputed location with new tarps, ropes and other materials.
"We instruct the authorized personnel/Commissioner Faizabad to be allowed to replace old, worn-out tarp, yellow linen mats, bamboo, polyethylene film and rope with the same size and mass, exactly the same new structure as previously placed on the temporary structure, "T. s. justice Thakur said.
The process of replacing the old cover with the new cover will be carried out and completed under the supervision of the two observers who visited the site, the judges, as well as the judges v r Gopala Gowda and R Banumathi.
At the same time, the court directed its registry to provide the parties with a copy of the CD, which contained a digital record relating to the case, and dismissed the statement allowing the parties to check the record.
"The right thing to do is to instruct the parties to appear in court and resolve the issue.
It may be a long rope, but it must be done in an orderly manner . "
Excluding the possibility of going outof-
The judge said that there was a rotating hearing of the appeal, "The pleadings should be complete and the appeal must be mature before it can be heard.
"First of all, Rajeev Dhawan, a senior defense lawyer who appeared on behalf of one of the parties, supported the view that it would allow the replacement of the old, worn-out tarp, arguing that it was done earlier under the Supreme Court order.
"Whether you like it or not, there is a temporary temple that must be covered," he said . " The issue of increasing the replacement of the worn-out lid is seen as a "problem arising from the observer report.
Earlier, the cover was ordered to be replaced on the application of the district magistrate of Faizabad.
The judge did not accept the request that the court should also rely on "digital records" because of the large number of original records.
"We don't know if the judge handling the case will feel comfortable.
Do not rely on digital records.
"The better thing is that you all sit down with the registrar and sort it out," he said . ".
At the hearing, it was noted that t m Khan, one of the two independent observers, had completed his five-year term and had to resolve the issue of replacing him.
The court gave the center six weeks to make a decision on the issue.
With respect to the issue of maintaining the "status quo" of the site, the bench also allows polyethylene flakes on site to cover 6 inch of the soil.
Earlier, the Supreme Court acknowledged several high court decisions against Allahabad 3-
The road division of the disputed Ram Janmabhoomi
Babri Masjid website in ayotya, September 30, 2010.
While ordering the status quo on site, this means a prayer for Ram Lalla
Shift temple at the disputed location of Ayodhya will proceed as usual, and the court has restricted any religious activity on the adjacent 67 acres of land taken over by the center.
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