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scala hits the high notes - transparency film

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
scala hits the high notes  -  transparency film
Please look at my lips: The Scala 200 at Agfa is a great movie. Agfa, a German-
The American-based imaging company, known for its excellent print paper, has launched one of the best new films of the past decade.
SCARA 200 black-and-
White Transparent film, near perfect
Invisible texture, superior latitude and fantastic tone range and clarity.
For years, anyone who wants to make 35mm Blackand-
Black-White slide or larger formatand-
White Transparent film must rely on some roundabout procedures, and usually black transparent film needs to be processed separatelyand-
The white negative film produces a positive image.
Recently, Kodak's T-
Max 100 offers a great solution
Grain images, though in a very tight, low range
50 speed and ruthless work ISO.
However, just a few weeks ago, I was frustrated to find that the process was by no means perfect.
A series of copy slides I took-
Prints that I will use in a lecture-
Back from the lab full of black spots.
Kodak technicians in Rochester say the culprit is that there is not enough encouragement in the development process. I'm not happy.
In contrast, Scala, designed entirely as a transparent film, is a pleasure to use.
While the film has a rating of 200, I found that in some cases, especially when working in a medium format, I found a higher contrast when the rating was 400.
Editor, beauty and fine arts photographer Jean Claude Melard told me that the "amazing, amazing clarity" of the film left him at a loss.
"In fact, New York is very happy --
Based on the results of Melard and his first Scala test, he insisted on personally providing his favorable comments to Baldev Duggal, founder of Duggal Color Projects Inc.
Legendary Manhattan custom lab is the best in the world
The famous shooter among its customers.
Duggal's lab is one of the few places in the country where Scala is now processed, and he works with Agfa technicians to develop the film for the professional market.
"This is the first big thing that happened in the photography industry in 100," Duggal said in an interview . ".
"There are no other movies you can go {ISO}
400. there is such a fine grain.
Recall a series of media
He looked at the format of Scala's transparent film under a magnifying glass, and Duggal insisted that he could "count every hair on the arm of the model ". (
Sure enough, in my own test paper, I was able to count the pores on the subject's face. )
For professionals like Ballard, it is possible to produce excellent blackand-
The white slide is a godsend.
First of all, the clarity and closeness of the film means that he can make multiple copies of the same image sent to potential customers without having to bother making personal prints.
In addition, while great progress has been made in light mechanical copying, slides still offer a wider range of reproduction shades than blackand-white prints.
This means that printers engaged in magazine, book, or ad layouts can more easily adjust and change the area to be copied so that the final printed image looks more like the original image.
It's too early to say whether Scala will replace this classic black. and-
White negatives as Ilford XP2, T-
Up to 100 or highly respected Kodak IIIX.
At present, anyone who wants to print directly from the Scala transparent film is likely to be directly attracted
Even though I was told that Agfa is working on new paper that looks almost like fiber
Based on print, this is the gospel for amateurs looking for a convenient way to make prints.
Because the Scala process is brand new and requires separate processing machinery and chemistry, there are only three laboratories in the United States (
Duggal in New York, Duggal in Los Angeles and Miami)
Now handle the film.
Processing is also available in London, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and duseldorf.
Currently, there is no Scala in the Washington area, although an Agfa spokesman said he expects the film to eventually be released at a nationwide professional camera store.
Movies can be mailed-
However, order directly from Duggal in New York for $9.
36-50 per roll
Exposure was $35mm and $6. 50 per 12-
Exposure volume in the 120 format. (
$8 per roll. )
These prices are all black. and-
White printed film, but equivalent to color slide film.
While the film is for the professional market, the quality of the image itself may attract serious amateurs to try it out.
For more information, please call 800/NYSCALA, or 212/242-7000.
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