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school gardens: extend the growing season by going under cover - polycarbonate greenhouse

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
school gardens: extend the growing season by going under cover  -  polycarbonate greenhouse
More and more schools get greenhouses, Poly
Tunnel and lightweight polyethylene cladding structures that protect plants and extend the growing season. A bigger walk
Structurally, from the beginning of the school year in September to the end of the summer vacation, the gardening club meets every week, which is very useful.
This means that even if it rains and is cold outside, gardening activities can continue under cover.
From school to school, we see many greenhouses and Poly
The tunnel was not used until spring, so we are helping with the planting plan to fill the eleven months of the school year.
Our first step is to arrange 10 feet by 8 feet (3m by 2. 4m)
From two Wests and Elliott (
Everything related to greenhouses and protecting crops is a great company)
Will be built in junior high school at St. Michael's Church of England in Essex.
It is wearing a tough double-skin polycarbonate (
And should bear the impact of the ball! )
, Is it safe, should we introduce heating at some stage?
If we need to be connected to the power supply for most of the day and in the sun, we have chosen a place close to the external faucet to supply the water, close to the building.
It is on the slope, so it is necessary to dig it out along one side to get a horizontal base.
After some discussion, our construction team, very talented people from the class Garden, built many gold gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, including our sun flower Street Garden, we are advised to use oak sleepers.
They are easier to put in than concrete, and if the greenhouses need to move at some point in the future, they will be easier to take out.
There are sixteen pages of instructions on how to build from a flat package, and Jack Saxton of the class Garden team told me: "It would be much easier to do the second page ".
It's a bit late now, but we plan to plant broad beans, peas and peas by next week and dig the soil ready to start planting.
If you or your school has a greenhouse, watch this page every week for tips and suggestions.
As always, we welcome photos of your planting in the school's greenhouses, frames, and gardens.
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