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schur flexibles group acquires leading nordic packaging specialist scandiflex pac - high barrier food packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-01
schur flexibles group acquires leading nordic packaging specialist scandiflex pac  -  high barrier food packaging
DGAP-Media / 28. 03.
2019/14: 49 Schur Flexibles Group acquire ScandiflexPac, a leading packaging specialist in Northern Europe :-
The acquisition will further strengthen Shure's position in flexo and expand its platform to the Nordic region. -
Scandiflex Pac's focus on innovation, sustainability and quality will perfectly complement Schur's flexibility.
Vina nedorf, March 28, 2019-
Schur Flexibles Group, a leading international supplier of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, has acquired 100% of Sweden --
Flexible Packaging expert based on ScandiflexPac AB.
The acquisition enhanced Schur flexibles's strong and fast-growing market position in Europe, especially to enhance the viability of Schur flexibles in the Nordic flexi field.
In general, this means that the group will become a complete
Service providers in the Nordic region, covering a complete conversion and digital print value assessment.
Combined with Scandiflex Pac and Schur flexible packaging, Shure FlexiblesFinland and Danapak flexible packaging, the Shure flexible packaging group includes a turnover of more than EUR120 million euros in northern Europe.
Michael Schernthaner Shure flexible packaging group, said: "Scandiflex Pac is perfect except for constant Shure flexible packaging.
As a highly attractive leader in the Nordic region and a veteran playerin flexo and digital printing company, the company will perfectly complement our strong footprint and capabilities in Europe.
Together, we will continue to innovate the flexible packaging industry in Europe.
Stefan anderson, managing director of Scandiflex Pac, added: "The flexible packaging market is characterized by growth and innovation.
As part of the flexichur Flexibles Group, we can simultaneously benefit from enhanced scale and potential advantages to be more effective in leading the fast-growing customer needs and regulatory requirements.
The high focus of the Schur Flexibles Group on innovation, sustainability and quality also clearly matches our own concerns.
Scandiflex Pac is one of the leading manufacturers of printing flexible packaging laminated products in the food industry in Sweden.
The company, which has been operating since 1985, earns about € 20 m and is headquartered in landskrona, Scania, southern Sweden.
The company will add more professional flexo and digital printing to the group, as well as its deep long term
Established relationships with customers and suppliers in Nordicmarket.
Scandiflex Pac enjoys a high reputation in the Nordic region and is more broadly via outeurope because of its capabilities in flexible printed packaging solutions for a variety of food segments.
Schur Flexibles will benefit from the company's ability to provide packaging for meat, fish, dairy products, dry food and coffee
Frozen food.
The group will also be able to develop the Scandiflex Pac expertise in printing and transparent films as well as laminated materials.
Combining the two companies' leading positions in sustainable development will also enable the group to more effectively exceed the expectations of customers and regulators and further minimize the impact on the environment.
Scandiflex Paccurrently operates at nearly 100% efficiency and uses a recovery system that significantly reduces energy consumption.
Incorporating the business into the Schur Flexibles Group will add value through the transfer of expertise between the Scandiflex Pac and the Group's French business, Schur flexiuni.
Scandiflex Pac will benefit from the digital printing expertise of experts within the group.
Shure flexible packaging successfully reached the group of flexible packaging that acquired and integratingrenowned players in the European market, such as Shure krone Dorkin Uni and partsof in 2018.
The group currently holds an important position in the oil well
Mature markets in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Greece and France.
Regarding the Shure flexible group based in Vina Nedov, Austria, Shure flexible group focuses on innovation, high
Quality and manufacturingto-measure high-
Barrier packaging solutions for the food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.
With its integrated value-added chain from printing and laminating extrusion to extensive bag and bag manufacturing, the group's current sales are around € 0. 52 billion (pro forma)
Make it one of the top European companies in the industry.
Schur Flexibles employs about 1,750 employees, consisting of 15 companies and 23 production plants in western and eastern Europe, all of which are highly specialized and everyone enjoys the technology
Leadership in their own field. Thiscenter-of-
The philosophy of excellence makes the group an attractive expert partner for industry-specific customer companies.
About Scandiflex Pac (
Now Shure soft package Scandiflex)Scandiflex Pac (
Now Shure soft package Scandiflex)
Is a leading Nordic designer and manufacturer specializing in packaging solutions for the food industry.
The company produces packaging solutions for coffee, candy, meat, cheese, fish, ready-to-eat food
And some nonfood products.
After experiencing the NXflexo eight
The Scandiflex Pac has excellent quality and a wide range of additional features for packaging solutions.
Scandiflex Pac began operations in 1985 and has since become a major participant in the Nordic region.
It became Shure FlexiblesGroup in March 2019.
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20 3755 1621 Email: schurflexibles @ kekstcnc.
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