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sealing home drafts - cut to size polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
sealing home drafts  -  cut to size polycarbonate
Since it won't warm up soon, it's time to winter your home.
It's never too late to keep your home safe from the harsh winter weather.
Saturday's morning show was held in Paramus, New York. J.
Winter with the help of renta-
Husband, Kyle Warren.
The homeowner, Tisha Licini, called Warren to help her with the draft issue at home.
Licini first noticed a draft in the kitchen. "[The hole]
It's under my sink, "said Licini.
"I saw the light at the end of the sewer.
So we temporarily stuffed a rag there.
Warren says it can be fixed permanently for just a few more dollars.
But first of all, he explained that in order to winter your home, you always start in the basement and work at home --
As long as you have a basement.
Popular news Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris, usually the unfinished part of the basement is where you will find the most drafts as things haven't been
Look for spider webs to help find some bugs.
"Spiders usually mesh when they eat water, because they realize it helps to pull prey into the nest," Warren said . ".
Before the restoration, Warren cleaned up the spider web with a clean dry cloth.
He then fills the hole with an insulating foam sealing material that expands to fit the size of the opening.
Because the sealing material is tacky and flammable, be sure to wear gloves and safety goggles, Warren said.
The next draft issue with Licini is located at the gap around her window.
To solve the ventilation problem, Warren measures, cuts the foam rubber band and applies it to the space around the window.
Door coming out of the Tisha garage (
A common area of draft that is often overlooked)
Attention is also needed.
Warren says a weather stripping kit that can be purchased at a local home improvement store is the solution.
He fixed it with screws along the edge of the door frame.
He then added a door sweep function to the bottom of the door.
Warren then checked a bedroom that looked colder than the rest of the house.
"Whether you have an external socket on the outer wall, check it first," Warren said . ".
"To check, just take a piece of toilet paper and put it in front of the socket.
"In order to resolve the draft issue, Warren turned off the circuit breaker.
He then removed the outlet cover with a screwdriver, using a foam liner designed specifically for electrical applications, and placed it in the lid.
Then he screwed the lid back into the socket.
Warren says this only needs to be done on the socket on the outer wall of your home.
Warren noticed another problem with the air conditioner.
"Even if the power is unplugged, the thing will still release cold air," he said . ".
To correct this draft, Warren measured the width and length of the air conditioner, cut the foam strip into a suitable size, and put the foam strip on the open seam around the air conditioner.
He then covered the outside of the unit with a piece of 6mm thick plastic.
After his comfortable fit around the whole unit, he fixed the plastic in place with some adhesive tape.
The air-conditioning cover can be purchased, but it is difficult to find, and the plastic is more economical, Warren said.
Warren and liccini finally got to where they started in the kitchen.
Warren patched the hole under the kitchen sink, like a tube in the basement, spraying insulating foam sealant around the tube.
He then applied a large amount of sealant and could be trimmed with a knife when drying.
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