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Search for quake survivors goes on - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
Search for quake survivors goes on  -  black plastic sheeting
The devastated Haiti has rejected troops from neighbouring dominican Republic, forcing the United Nations to find more peacekeepers elsewhere.
The two countries share the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, but the relationship between the two countries is tense.
800 in the Dominican Republic
As part of strengthening the United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti.
Initially expected it would ensure a humanitarian corridor from their joint border to the port of Haiti's capital --au-Prince.
A United Nations official confirmed that Haiti had rejected the offer, but said that the decision may not be decisive and negotiations are under way, to determine whether Haiti will allow rescue teams or police in the Dominican Republic.
After the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on Tuesday, the full potential force of the United Nations peacekeeping force is now 12,651, up from about 9,000.
A us general said the damaged main port in Haiti will reopen its services on Friday as a French vessel has begun unloading aid supplies at the portau-Prince.
The lieutenant said we will open the port on Friday.
General Ken Keane, who oversees American military operations in Haiti, was left in ruins on the 7 th. 0-
January 12 Richter earthquake
He added that we are conducting assessments throughout the week to ensure that it is safe to unload the goods here. He said he wants the port to be fully operational in three weeks.
However, witnesses reported that a French vessel, Francis Garnier, had docked at the pier to unload relief supplies and equipment.
Access to ports still under Haitian control will help clear the capital airport, which is also damaged in the earthquake with only one runway.
Massive aid operations have blocked the airport and the slow pace of providing supplies to those in need is frustrating.
The earthquake killed 75,000 people and left millions homeless, officials estimate.
S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said earlier that he had ordered the deployment of a port clearance ship in Haiti and that within a week or two the port could resume operations.
Meanwhile, linglingus will fly directly from Dublin on Friday to the A330 aircraft at La Romana airport in the multi-republic plus republic to provide emergency medical and food supplies for earthquake survivors in Haiti.
Due to security concerns, after a severe aftershock today, it was decided to fly to La Romana airport in Haiti, not Port-au-Prince.
Joint missions under implementation
With the implementation of the aid agency's objectives, 15 doctors and volunteers will also be brought to Haiti.
More than 25 tons of assistance will be loaded into the cargo hold, and the aircraft and aircraft will leave Dublin Airport at one o'clock P. M. on Friday and arrive in the Dominican Republic at seven o'clock P. M. local time.
Before returning to Dublin via Orlando, it will stay there for two hours to uninstall.
Arrangements have been made with the Target representative of Haiti to ensure that supplies will be delivered to those in need as soon as they are unloaded.
All crew and operational staff are volunteering their time, and both DAA and the Academy of Aerospace Sciences have waived all airport and navigation costs to facilitate this task.
Earlier today, a powerful 6.
A magnitude 1 aftershock struck Haiti.
The earthquake took place 59 km kilometers west of the capital Port. au-
The Prince just passed at eleven o'clock A. M. (Irish time.
Residents reported low vibration at 6, followed by a brief but more powerful rumble. Three o'clock A. M. local timePeople in Port-au-
The Prince has been sleeping outdoors since the earthquake because their home was destroyed or was afraid of aftershocks.
State Minister for Overseas Development Peter Bauer confirmed that more than 80 tons of emergency humanitarian supplies shipped by Ireland today arrived in Haiti.
Blankets, plastic cloth for temporary shelter, water tanks, tents, mattresses, generators and kitchen equipment will be distributed to more than 8,000 families.
This shipment is a supplement to the government's commitment to the United Nations and Irish aid agencies working in Haiti to direct financial support of € 2 m.
Minister Power also confirmed that three members of the Irish rapid response mission had been deployed to Haiti following last week's devastating earthquake to assist in international emergency response efforts.
Consignment goods will be given attention and distribution targets.
John O'Shea, GOAL's chief executive, said: "Naturally, we are happy to be operational and we expect to expand our business significantly in the coming days and weeks.
Fears of violence and robbery eased during the earthquake
S. military provides security for water and food aid, and thousands of displaced Haitians follow the government's advice to seek asylum outside the port --au-Prince.
United Nations rescue officials say medical care, handling of bodies, residences, water, food and hygiene remain a priority for international operations.
While military escorts are still needed for the delivery of relief supplies, the United Nations says security issues are mostly concentrated in areas that were considered "high-risk" before the earthquake.
Shortly after the earthquake, about 4,000 criminals escaped from the damaged prison.
Overall port security situation-au-
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said the prince remained stable, with limited local violence and looting.
Yesterday, American Black Hawk helicopters stormed the ground of the destroyed presidential palace in Haiti, deploying troops and supplies.
About 12,000 U. S. military personnel are in Haiti, on ships at sea or on their way, including ships at the Comfort hospital of the U. S. Navy, and will arrive in the area today, provide the necessary capacity for complex surgery.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused Washington of "occupying" Haiti under the pretext of aid operations.
But Haiti's president, René Preval, said the United States military would help the United Nations peacekeepers maintain order.
In order to speed up aid and dry robbery and violence on the market, the UN Security Council agreed last week to temporarily increase 2,000 UN troops and police by 1,500 9,000-
Members of the peacekeeping mission in Haiti.
The World Food Programme, which provides food to 200,000 earthquake victims, aims to be equivalent to 10 millionto-
The United Nations says it will have a meal next week.
Another € 130,000 was provided by other relief groups.
Soldiers travel to towns other than the capital, Leogane in the West and Jacmel on the southern coast, where they guard and supply aid distribution points.
In Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake, many seriously injured people were unable to get their lives due to the lack of advanced medical facilities.
Salvage surgery
International health experts say Haiti's efforts cannot stop once the immediate crisis has passed.
Jon Andros of the Pan American Health Organization said it would be a step in the long run.
Officials in Haiti say 75,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves.
So far, infectious diseases of concern have not yet emerged, although many injured are facing deadly threats and hospitals are already overwhelmed.
The World Health Organization says at least 13 hospitals work in ports. au-
In the next month, the Prince district will provide medical supplies for 120,000 people.
The United Nations says 52 rescue teams from around the world have rescued 121 people from the rubble, and countless others have been dug up by Haitians from collapsed buildings.
Overnight, more survivors were rescued from the rubble.
25-year-old Antoine Losana was found in the wreckage of a supermarket, just hours after her 70-year-old Anna Zizi was taken from the ruins of the port. au-
Prince's CathedralA three-week-
In the city of Jacmel, the old baby girl was also dug up from the ruins.
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