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seat leon reference 1.6 - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
seat leon reference 1.6  -  clear polycarbonate
Model: Leon reference Block 1.
6 Price: 11,995 (
Starting at £ 11,295)
Engine: 1, 595cc, four cylinders, 16 valves, 102bhp at 5, 60 rpm, rwlb ft at 3,800 rpm Transmission: 5-
Front-speed gearbox
Wheel drive Performance: 11 miles/hour, 0 to 60 miles/hour. 4 seconds, 38.
1 mpg official average carbon dioxide: 183g/km is the key.
And being monitored.
However, it is more common people who are suddenly fascinated by the beauty and visual vitality of the new Seat Leon.
Let this brochure unfold, and this brochure reads as worrying as it is a product in those Internet translation projects.
The driveway leads to the highway.
The highway takes you to the open road.
In fact, my driveway is not as convenient as it is sometimes to the M25.
But ultimately open.
The important thing here is that as long as I'm not foiled by the people watching.
The intriguing brochure argues that "some people have an unexplained appeal to those big and shiny things," but I'm not sure if this includes seats.
Yes, it's bright, but not big.
The seat is a "Latin" brand owned by Volkswagen Group, among which the features of "emotion" and "passion" are most likely to surface.
It's actually a good brand positioning because no one else will make the auto series so openly target the promise of a good time.
Alpha Romeo is closest, but Alpha is a high-end market.
The Spanish brand is a valuable brand and a brand full of sports.
There is a central puzzle here, one that is good for seating, but when Bernd Pischetsrieder, chairman of the mass Group, makes a sound, his feet do leave a tattoo with an Audi
The chairman said that when cheaper cars are doing well today, he can't see the meaning of expensive cars, which is an unfortunate thing because the Audi A3 is close-
The same mechanical and underlying structure as golf, Skoda oketavia-
And this new Lyon.
If it weren't for people's obsession with smarter brands, Seats and Skodas on the surface, it would be cleaned up.
In any case, you may like the new Lyon better than others.
This is a good-
Car, its style (
Steve Lewis, British)
Based on the concept of seat salsa a few years ago.
We 've already seen the look of upward expansion on Altea and Toledo --
MPVs, but in Lyon, it works best to achieve the desired effect of simple movement.
Everything is about shape and curve: Almond
Outline headlights, drooping flank lines, short thick hood that flows into the giant windshield.
Where is the rear door handle?
Hide behind the frame at the end of the back door and get the passage through the spoon in the window at the end of the transparent polycarbonate.
Where is the wiper?
Like mpv, they parked the car next to the screen pillar.
Let's hope they don't hit the post every time the link is worn outMercedes-
Mercedes-Benz rejected a similar system for the new-
Class for this reason.
The shared platform means that Lyon's lockout is like Ford Fox's.
The Volkswagen Group has also adopted a similar design, and we know that golf is the most sporty (the GTI)
Driving is a pleasure.
Therefore, the sports atmosphere in Lyon is also very exciting.
The view of the cottage is promising, and most of the fascia seems to be covered with lively carbon fiber.
But if you press fake
It's carbon fiber.
In fact, it is a padded surface and a welcome to value --
Seasoning the dashboard of the car, but looking forward to the rock of carbon fiber is very strange
Soft hardness and feel.
However, the style of the cabin is as simple and dramatic as the appearance.
Starting from next April, there will be suitable sports Leons, FR models in the future-
A 17bhp turbocharged diesel and 200bhp turbocharged gasoline engine.
In November, a 40-horsepower Cupra will complete the series, a car that might sell well in the UK, where, sales of the Cupra version of the former Lyon account for an amazing high percentage, although driving on bumpy roads makes you
Name the terms with your entire bone doctor.
There is a less powerful turbo in the price list with 185bhp, but my original Leon drive didn't have it.
So I started with 15bhp on number 2. 0-
Upgraded FSI version with efficiency-
Enhanced direct fuel injection with reference sports trim.
The trim level is the essence (basic), Reference (added air-con)
Reference Sports (
6-sports seats and suspension and more powerful engineSpeed gearbox), Stylance (Luxury)and Sport (
But there is a supplement to the sports style).
You will notice that the word movement appears too often, as if the whole idea was a reluctant nail that kept coming out and had to be hit back.
This is the process of drawing an identity on a brand that was originally a blank canvas.
But there is a sport that goes too far, that is, the quality of any ride in Lyon that is named for the sport.
To put it simply, they are too firm for the British road we are collapsing.
In fact, my passenger's words were so firm that when we were going through the bumps of an ordinary country lane, she said it in her mouth.
The lion that destroyed the movement, I shudder (
Could be literally)
Think about what Cupra will look like.
But think about the suspension of the past, pay attention to the body without ringing and squeaking, feel how accurate the steering is, and you can see that Lyon is basically a good car.
I also tried a 14bhp TDI version for sports only, so the same review applies to riding. A non-
Thankfully, the sports edition will be available next year.
Then I made another one.
6 Reference, with 102bhp gasoline engine.
The seat did not get a stronger 1.
6 FSI units used in other groups of products, odd numbers.
But it's a suspended Lyon that is able to absorb the bumps correctly, but still tight enough to turn sharply to provide fun for the driver.
Even if its engine has to work hard, it is the best. It's a good-
Lovely and nice looking.
This great value car for the new Lyon.
But please don't sit in your seat
Sports thing egg.
Lyon deserves more details.
Competitors 147 1.
6 TS, £ 14,165 Alpha Romeo's recent facelift has refreshed an aging but distinctive car, and the change in the suspension system has improved ride performance by 147. The twin-
The spark engine sounds crisp and works well. All-in-
This is an interesting option besides Lyon. FORD FOCUS 1.
The cheapest Ford Focus 1 costs 13,345 LX.
It looks expensive to sit next to your seat, or you can have a Ti-
More power and more cost to the VCT engine.
Unfortunately, the interior of the focus is plastic and the shape is dull, but overall it is a great car.
Volkswagen Golf 1.
6 fsi s, 13,710 VW Golf gets a better FSI engine, but you will definitely pay privileges and honors for the VW badge on your hat.
That is to say, golf is good now.
It looks beautiful.
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