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Senate report: Harsh CIA tactics didn't work - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
Senate report: Harsh CIA tactics didn\'t work  -  where to get mylar
On Tuesday, Senate investigators made tough allegations about the CIA's practices, accusing the spy agency of giving al-
Al-Qaida prisoners go far beyond their legal borders and then cheat the country with accounts of useful interrogation that their own records have not confirmed.
The Senate Intelligence Committee has released a lot of evidence from CIA files that shows that detainees in secret prisons ten years ago were treated worse than the government described to Congress or the public.
This is the first official public report by the CIA after years of debate over the brutal handling of prisoners.
At the White House, President Obama announced the practice, which was used by detainees after Egypt's independence.
2001, attack, "contrary to our values.
He assured, "I will continue to exercise my authority as president to ensure that we do not use these methods any more.
"The report does not refer to tactics as torture.
But the chairman of the committee, Dianne Feinstein, made an extended speech in the Senate, announcing that "in any common sense of the term, CIA detainees are tortured.
"Except now --well-
As we all know, waterboarding practices include weeks of lack of sleep, slapping and slamming the walls of detainees, limiting them to small boxes, isolating them for a long time and threatening their death.
Simulation of drowning technology, three detainees face water punishment.
Some were broken by treatment, pleading, and whimpering, and one was described as being in a "compliant" position on the water table when the interrogator's fingers rang.
In its most controversial conclusions, the report asserted that, despite the effectiveness of breaking the spirit of detainees, "enhanced interrogation techniques" did not yield truly important results.
It cites cables, emails and interview records from the CIA to counter the core rationale for torture --
The lives of Americans have been saved, and terrorist plots have stopped through the information that detainees provide only when they are subjected to very harsh methods. The 500-
The page file released on Tuesday includes a still executive summary and conclusionsecret, 6,700-
A full page of reports, results of five months
A $40 million survey.
Nearly six years ago, President Barack Obama ordered the trial to be stopped when he took office, even though the toughest interrogation methods had been stopped as early as a few years ago.
The report provides the president, the Justice Department, Congress, and the American public with a catalogue of what senior CIA officials believe to be false statements.
It describes mismanagement so that the agency loses track of how many detainees it has held.
Senate investigators record 119
It is higher than the 98 figures described in the memorandum published on 2009.
At least 39 people are facing severe interrogation, the report said.
The CIA quoted the 30 th.
Van Stein said the CIA's plan amounts to "indefinite secret detention and the use of brutal interrogation techniques in violation of US law ". S.
Laws, treaty obligations and our values.
"The summary of the report was released after months of hard negotiations on what should be reviewed, when concerns were raised that it might trigger violence against Americans overseas. U. S.
The embassy has strengthened security and military bases around the world as counter-attacks are expected
S. response, Secretary of State John Kerry later asked Van Stein to consider delaying the release, but did not have any effect.
Earlier this year, Feinstein accused the CIA of infiltrating the Senate computer system in a file dispute as relations between investigators and spy agencies deteriorated.
The report was written by California Democratic party staff, including former FBI agent Daniel Jones.
Former CIA officials strongly questioned the findings of the report.
The same is true of Senate Republicans, whose written objections accuse Democrats of inaccurate and sloppy analysis,
The evidence was selected to reach a predetermined conclusion.
CIA officials acknowledge that there are serious errors in the interrogation process and they have prepared their own response, but claim that it provides important intelligence and still guides the agency's counter-terrorism efforts.
"We know this project has led to al-
Al-Qaida leaders took them away from the battlefield to prevent mass casualties and saved the lives of thousands of Americans, "CIA Director George Tenet said in Parliament.
2001 attacks occurred.
Tenet told The Associated Press that the report missed the background of a severe interrogation, 9/11 of the countries were in trouble, and CIA officials believed more attacks would occur. The entire U. S.
The government is under pressure to prevent a second wave and lacks intelligence to deal with this possibility.
"This is a ticking time bomb every day," said tenet . ".
The Senate investigation found no evidence that the trial ended an imminent conspiracy.
Feinstein is forgiven for denying the CIA's actions.
"This pressure, fear and expectation of further terrorist plots does not justify improper actions taken by individuals or organizations in the name of national security, as reasonable, moderate or excuse," she wrote . ".
Although Bush approved the project in 2002, he was not informed of the details by the CIA until 2006, and then he expressed discomfort with the "image of detainees locked in the ceiling, wearing diapers, I was forced to go to the bathroom myself.
In his 2010 memoir, Bush said he discussed the project with tenet, but the CIA director told the agency's inspector general that it had never happened.
More cruelly than ever, the CIA interrogation process stems from 2002 secret orders from President George W.
Bush responded to the meeting. 11 attacks.
It authorized the CIA to detain terrorists.
The trial was not mentioned in the order, the report said. After al-
In the same year, al-Qaida agent Abu zhabada was arrested in Pakistan, which was licensed by the Justice Department and the White House to use some coercive means against him, including waterboarding, lack of sleep and closure
Two psychologists helped the CIA draft the tactical menu as a contractor. The U. S.
The government finally paid $80 million to their company.
They were not mentioned in the report, but they were Bruce Jason and James Mitchell.
The CIA added unauthorized methods to its interrogation.
During CIA detention, at least five men received "rectal hydration", a form of rectal feeding.
The report found no medical necessity for treatment.
Others are threatened with "ice bath" and death.
At least three people in captivity have been told that their families will suffer and CIA officials have threatened to harm their children, sexually abused the mother of a man and cut off the other
Zubaydah was held at a secret facility in Thailand where the detention was described as green.
FBI agents obtained key intelligence from Zubaydah through traditional interrogation, and stopped participating when the CIA took over and raised pressure.
The report said that in the early days of his detention, CIA officials believed that he had information about the impending plot, and that zhabada had been quarantined for 47 days without being questioned.
After that, he was influenced by other techniques, and later he had mental problems. He's not alone.
In September 2002, in a cobalt-
Understood as the CIA "salt pit" facility in Afghanistan
The detainees were isolated and completely dark.
They only have human waste barrels in their cells.
Noise or music is common. Redha al-
Former Osama bin Laden bodyguard Najar was the first prisoner there.
He got his hat on. the-
Clock music or interrogation that stops him from sleeping-
Although there was no indication that he was resisting the interrogators.
A month later, the CIA questioner found out
Najjar is a "broken person" and is on the edge of "full crash.
"But the treatment got worse, and officials lowered his food rations, got him locked in the cold, gave him diapers instead of going to the toilet," the report said . ".
Some detainees in Afghan prisons marched naked, or were dragged out of their cells by police, forcibly stripped of their clothes, and then secured with masked Merah tape. Dragged along the corridor when he was slapped with ear light and punched and kicked.
Gul Rahman, an extremist suspect who for the first time in late 2002 had a taste of enhanced interrogation, experienced two days of lack of sleep, complete darkness, isolation and "rough treatment ".
"Then Rahman was tied to the wall of the cell and was forced to rest on the bare concrete floor wearing a sweatshirt.
He died the next day.
The CIA's examination and autopsy found him dead of a low body temperature.
The Justice Department conducted an investigation into this and a CIA detainee died again without making any charges.
CIA officials say it is reasonable that the toughest technology is usually done to the United States. S.
To become a member of the elite special operations force.
But the report highlights that the CIA's approach to waterboarding of zhabada and two other detainees is very different from any practice in the United States. S.
The military does so in training, and it is more brutal than the careful procedures set out in the memo of the Ministry of Justice authorizing this strategy.
According to internal CIA records, in a meeting, zumada became "completely unresponsive and bubbles rose from his open mouth ".
Reported that the mastermind of the 9/11 incident Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admitted that he later beheaded reporter Daniel Pearl and was sentenced to water for 183 times.
A cia official said in a telegram that he was "taking in and (inhaling) a lot of water" and added, "in the new technology, we are basically doing a series
On March 2003, CIA officials pointed out that the water sentence did not make Mohammed more obedient.
But the report states that they continue to sentence him for 10 days.
In one case, he referred to al-for failing to confirm the electronic interception-
According to the report, al-Qaida has made efforts to obtain a "nuclear suitcase.
The CIA later learned that the threat of a nuclear suitcase was a "well-planned scam ".
"In another case, Mohammed was sealed by water due to a mistake by a CIA analyst.
Analysts misinformed al-
Al Qaeda is recruiting black Muslims in the United States. S.
Reported that two days after the water sentence, Mohammed made up a story about the search for black Muslims in Montana.
John McLaughlin, then deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said in an interview that Muhammad "became our consultant" and was about al-Qaida.
However, according to the report, "a large number of intelligence reports identified by the CIA as critical threat reports were later identified as fabricated.
"More waterboarding may have occurred, but Senate investigators are not sure.
They found a picture of the well.
In places of detention where the CIA said it did not use the technology, there was a bucket of water around the worn water board.
The agency never explained the photo.
Although the CIA, after reviewing 6 million agency documents, claimed that investigators could not find unique and life examples, no unique intelligence was generated
The preservation of information collected from coercive means, in some cases, can lead to the illusion and suicide of detainees.
This is another debate between the CIA and the Republican Party.
Report zero at 20 highs
Some of the cases cited by the CIA were counter-terrorism successes due to its intensive interrogation.
In each report, the Senate report argues that the key information comes from other places or detainees before he is subjected to harsh technology.
Investigators claim that the killing of 2011 people in bin Laden was the biggest victory, refuting the argument that this practice proved decisive.
The center of the debate is how AmericaS.
Found the trusted courier Abu Ahmed al
Kuwaiti officials will then trace bin Laden's residence in Pakistan.
The CIA has pointed out doubts about Muhammad and other senior officials. Importance to detainees
But Senate investigators found this was not the case.
They said the CIA had an impact on al-
It was Kuwaitis before interrogation.
Detainees received the most accurate information from interrogation before receiving any enhanced technology.
At the same time, those who were severely interrogated withheld information about al-
The report found the Kuwaitis.
The CIA responded to this.
It is reported that a detainee, Ammar al-
After intensive interrogation, Balochistan was the first to expose a heavily guarded al-Qaida secret —
Abu Ahmed is a messenger to and from bin Laden.
The Senate report says
Balochistan withdrew the original words and was unreliable.
Many disputes follow this model, with Senate investigators and CIA officials fighting on the same set of evidence, but everyone points to different data points to state their case.
Reported that the CIA learned that the United StatesS.
On 2002, eight days before zhabada provided the FBI with information about the Padra's "dirty bomb" plot, José Padra, a citizen from a foreign government, had no name.
The CIA maintains that Padila's case is a good example of obtaining intelligence from its detainee program, which he was arrested in Chicago on 2002 on suspicion of plotting a radioactive bomb attack.
The CIA admitted it was wrong to claim waterboarding, and other such tactics helped defeat the plot to attack the United States. S.
S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, and other US interest groups, the Senate reported that on 2003, Pakistani authorities confiscated explosives and arrested two people.
However, the two sides have differences on the so-called "second wave" of the United States. S.
Attacks planned by Mohammed
The CIA quoted the interrogation as saying it led to the arrest of students it believed were ready to attack the West Coast skyscrapers.
Senate investigators said that the students were not involved in such a conspiracy, and that the detainees, under great coercion, provided the answers that the interrogators wanted to hear.
Senate investigators say the British authorities have arrested an American citizen. K.
A year later, a citizen intended to attack the target there, while the CIA insisted that his alias came from Mohammed.
The CIA argued that the harsh interrogation of Mohammed also led to the admission of the Ohio truck driver, Iman Farris, of terrorism charges.
Senate reports say Farris is on the FBI radar.
Pakistan has arrested another terrorist suspect, resulting in an acquaintance calling Faris to inform him of his arrest.
The National Security Agency's eavesdroppers are listening.
Officials question the project;
By January 2003, at least one senior CIA official had already had enough.
After receiving a proposed interrogation plan for a prisoner named Abd al-Rahim al-
Nashiri will later be sealed by water, and the chief interrogation officer of the detainee program emailed CIA colleagues saying he told his boss that he would "no longer have access to the interrogation program"
"This is a train waiting to happen and I intend to get off the train before it happens," the Inquirer quoted the long-standing
Enhancing the long-term impact of technology on the health of suspects.
The interrogators were not named in the report, to al-
Continue Nasri.
Other officials raised questions about the effectiveness of these methods, but their concerns were not addressed.
The report found that of the 39 detainees receiving enhanced technology, seven did not provide any information during CIA detention.
Some detainees face this technology as soon as they enter CIA detention, in stark contrast to long-standing agency claims that detainees first have the opportunity to answer questions.
According to the report, one out of every five detainees does not meet the detention standards set out in the Bush directive.
In the absence of a Central Intelligence Agency headquarters mandate, at least 17 people have suffered severe technology.
After Bush acknowledged the CIA's interrogation plan in 2006
Director Michael Hayden briefed the congressional intelligence committee.
The Senate report used 37-
An appendix to record and refute what it says is a false statement
The door hears how the program works and what intelligence it generates.
Senate investigators say Tuesday's release, full of government editors, is still part of a confidential report.
A row in the abstract may represent dozens or hundreds of pages in a larger study, which may not be decrypted within 25 years.
Until then, the entire story of the CIA's interrogation plan may not be known.
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