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serpentine pavilion 2017, review: admirable precision from beguiling storyteller - clear polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
serpentine pavilion 2017, review: admirable precision from beguiling storyteller  -  clear polycarbonate panels
Architect Francis Carlyle tells the story of his work and his roots in the village of bukeno Faso, and then uses these African Country Stories to instill his architecture.
His winding pavilion 2017 is considered a tree for community gatherings.
But if you think this year's pavilion is folk, think about it again-the precision and simplicity here is admirable.
The winding canopy of wood slats is asymmetrical, not circular, and then extends out from the inner ring of the grid steel column, each steel column tipto is placed at the point of the triangle with the toe.
Although the initial impression is loose, flowing curves, these curves are made up of more stringent triangular elements.
The pavilion's annual builder-Phase 1-was impressed with the accuracy of the millimeter level.
It may not matter in a hot week in London, but the rain has come and this accuracy can be seen-especially this year, the pavilion has been heavily curated, including radical kitchen talks hosted by immigrant caterer Mazamas.
The timber canopy has a thin cover with a rib of transparent polycarbonate that will leak out of the water through a circular opening in the center of the pavilion.
There is no doubt that it will fall off in the pouring rain.
In Carlyle's culture, deep indigo with perforated walls is the color of celebration (
Obviously, what are you wearing on a date)
But it is also made up of triangular planks whose ladder form is a reference to the brick of the adjacent snake crest Gallery.
This year, a group led by artistic director Hans Ulrich obrith and CEO Yana Peel chose a specific design rather than a specific architect.
Sir David Ajaye, who joined the board, helped Carlyle's case.
The accuracy of the 2017 Pavilion may be Berlin-
Based only on kérés, or this may also be the product of a revised procurement process taking into account the pragmatic nature.
While this is understandable, it is hoped that the increasing focus of activity will not kill the wings of architectural style.
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